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Twin Fin Surfboard Guide – Inc 10 Epic Boards To Consider

Looking to add a twin fin surfboard to your quiver ? Here’s everything you need to know, plus 10 epic option to choose from!

The twin fin surfboard has seen a surge in popularity recently and it’s now become a staple of every, well rounded surf quiver.

From performance twin fins capable of stand up barrels through to high volume, small wave fun there’s a huge variety of twin fin surfboards to choose from.

So here’s everything you need to know before adding a twin fin to your quiver – including fin options and 10 epic board choices to check out…

The Twin Fin Surfboard Guide

Twin Fin Setups

When it comes to fin setups in your twin fin, there’s a few different options to consider depending on the board, wave type and style of surfing. One of the great things about a lot of twinnies is you can mix up the fins to give your board multiple personalties depending on what you’re surfing.

Keel Fins

review hypto krypto twin hk twin haydenshapes surfboard reviewFor those looking for heaps of drive, speed and those classic, drawn out turns, the Keel Fin Twin is a great option. Great for smaller wave surfing and perfect for traditional twin fin fishes the keel is a great introduction to twin fins and will set the board apart from the rest of your quiver.

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Upright/Pivot Twin Fins

album surfboards album twinsman review twin fin album australia 6For those looking for more top to bottom, performance surfing a set of more upright, pivot twins is going to give you plenty of manoverability and speed. Great in more modern, high performance twin fin surfboards.

Twinnie + Trailer Fins

Looking to mix things up a bit and tighten it up a bit too? Well a twinnie with trailer (aka stabiliser) might be worth checking out. Also a good option to give a different lease of life to some thruster boards too!




10 Epic Twin Fin Surfboards

So you’re thinking about adding a twin fin surfboard to your quiver? I don’t blame you! Well here are 10 epic boards to check out – covering everything from small wave fun to high performance…

Hypto Krypto Twin

review hypto krypto twin haydenshapes hk twin-2One of my personal favourites, the Hypto Krypto Twin (aka the HK Twin) by Haydenshapes was a surprising addition to my quiver last year.

Heaps of fun in a huge variety of conditions, from waist high to well overhead, this twin fin fish is super drivey and fast with a set of retro keel fins and will suit a huge range of surfers.

Check out my full review here.

Lost Evil Twin

If you’re looking for a small wave twin fin surfboard then the Lost Evil Twin is an epic option – and it’s currently my small wave surfboard of choice!

Don’t get me wrong though it can still handle some punchy, bigger surf too, but for me smaller conditions are where this board really lights up.

Surf it with an upright, pivot twin for maximum fun.

Check out my full review here

DHD Mini Twin (and Mini Twin 2)

I’m going to sneak 2 into this one with the Mini Twin and Mini Twin 2 from DHD.

For those looking for more performance the original Mini Twin is a great choice for punchy condiitons and top to bottom surfing, whilst the Mini Twin 2 pumps up the volume and is a great choice for some summer fun in smaller conditions.

Grab a set up upright fins for the Mini Twin and retro keels for the Mini Twin 2.



MR 1980 Retro Pro

Now you can’t chat about twin fin surfboards without bringing Mark Richards into the mix! MR signature twin fin style and spray jobs make his full range of boards pretty iconic, none more so than the 1980 retro pro complete with stingers in the tail.

Surf it with his signature MR twin fins for the full package, or add the additional trailer to tighten things up.

Go Fish

firewire go fish review rob machado surfboards twin fin-2One of the first twin fins I really connected with, the Firewire Go Fish by Rob Machado is a really fun, lively twin fin fish that can handle a huge range of conditions.

The Machado Keels are the go to with this board for the best results and the chest high wave range was the sweet spot for me.

And the new Firewire Too Fish (the evolution of the Go Fish) is an epic option too!

Check out my full review here

ACSOD Two Fangs

My brothers go to board, the ACSOD Two Fangs is fun and playful in a huge range of conditions.

Although it goes well with a more retro style keel fin, the upright pivot fins give this board plenty of top to bottom ability and it’s super lively underfoot.

MF Horseshoe Twin

Mick Fannings latest board release is a high performance twin. Designed to be surfed with the FCS H4 set launched alongside this board – it’s certainly more suited to bigger, punchier surf than a lot of traditional twin fins.

So if you’re looking for something to compliment your performance thruster, with a different feel, this is a solid choice.

Channel Islands Twin Pin

Mikey February signature board model at the moment, the Twin Pin by Channel Island oozes the style and flair of a twin fin, with a performance twist.

Best in chest high waves and above, strap in an upright twin fin set to give this round tail model heaps of speed and flow.



Lost Cali Twin

Some retro vibes in this Lost and MR collaborative project.

The Cali Twin is a great all round twin fin – as at home in smaller summer conditions as it is in punchier surf. MRs signature twin fin set with the trailer for the best setup underfoot.

Album Twinsman

album surfboards album twinsman review twin fin album australia 6If you’re looking for a solid, performance twin fin then the Album Twinsman is going to be hard to beat.

Weapon of choice for Asher Pacey and Josh Kerr, the Album Twinsman is as beautiful in the water as it is out.

An upright pivot fin is the go to and don’t be afraid to push the limits of the waves this board can handle.

Check out my full review here

Any twin fin surfboards you’d add into the mix?

Chuck them in the comments below!



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