The Ultimate Taghazout Surf Guide

Planning a Taghazout surf trip?

From how to get there and the best Taghazout surf camps to where to paddle out – here’s everything you need to know about the most famous surf destination in Morocco and the perfect escape from the colder European winter, full of pumping swell, culture and of course mint tea!



Taghazout Surf Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Where Is Taghazout?

Situated in the South of Morocco, Taghazout sits 280km south of Marrakech and 23km North of Agadir. This small fishing village has quickly gained popularity with surfers from around the globe as well as those looking for an exotic spot to learn to surf within a short flight from the UK and Europe,

How To Get There

There are two main options for getting to Taghazout in terms of flying into Morocco.

taghazout surf guide morocco surf camps learn to surfThe first is into Marrakech which is the main international airport, this is a great option for those who want to do some tourist stuff before heading to the coast – but it is a longer and more complicated route to get down Taghazout, roughly 3.5 hours travel time.

The other option is to fly into Agadir Airport – which is only about a 40 minute drive.

If you’re travelling with boards I’d definitely go the Agadir option as it’s super easy to hire a car and drive up, or arrange a taxi or transfer with your accomodation in Taghazout, which will be around 300 dirham (£24GBP, $31USD, $45AUD).

There are also bus routes from Agadir to Taghazout too, however these aren’t going to be very easy with boards in tow!



Morocco Surf Season

So when’s the best time to surf in Morocco? Well Taghazout surf season is right in the middle of the European winter, which is why it’s a super popular spot to escape the cold climate and score some epic waves!

Surf Season = September to April

Peak Surf Season = December to March

Despite the warm air temperature during this time (in the mid twenties) you’ll still need to pack yourself a good 3/2mm steamer as the big Atlantic swells bring in the cooler waters. It’ll also be worth packing some warmer clothing for the evening time too as it cools down quite a bit as the sun sets.



Taghazout Surf Camps

As the most famous surf town in Morocco there are plenty of surf camps in Taghazout to choose from – catering for all levels, styles and of course budgets.

Some of the most popular include;

Surf Berbere

surf berbere taghazout surf campOne of the longest running Taghazout surf camps, Surf Berbere sits right on the waterfront – with roof top terrace views covering Hash Point (which sits right out front), Panoramas and Anchor Point in the distance.

With a range of room options that cover everything from solo travellers to couples and group surf trips they offer both surf camp packages, surf and yoga packages and accommodation only options too – including a range of private apartments just around the corner from the camp.

Friendly staff, awesome local coaches and super tasty food – Surf Berbere is my pick for a great value surf trip in Morocco!

Read my full reviews of Surf Berbere here

Accomodation only = Yes (including range of apartments)

Learn to surf packages = Yes

Surf guiding = Yes


Surf Maroc

surf maroc taghazout surf campOne of the most well known surf camps in Taghazout – Surf Maroc offers 4 locations in Taghazout, ranging from up market hotel to yoga retreat villa and self catering apartments.

The Taghazout Villa is the most affordable of the 4 – offering a range of ocean view, double and dorm rooms to suit a range of budgets and styles and is certainly the most surf camp-eque of the Surf Maroc locations.

Sat right on the ocean front, overlooking the right handers of The Wedge and Hashpoint it’s another great high end surf camp that will go down a treat with solo travellers through to families.

Accomodation only = Yes (inc private apartments)

Learn to surf packages = Yes

Surf guiding = Yes




Hashpoint Surf Camp

hashpoint taghazout surf campAnother beachfront option, again in front of Hash Point (surprise surprise!) Hashpoint Surf Camp also offers the full range of surf camp packages – including learn to surf, intermediate coaching and surf guiding for advanced surfers.

As well as the set packages you also have the option to bolt on yoga lessons, surf hire (for guiding only packages) and also upgrade to ensuite rooms too.

A nice, bespoke surf camp, Hashpoint Surf Camp, has just 10 rooms for 21 guests – so it’s great for those looking for a more intimate experience.

Accomodation only = Yes

Learn to surf packages = Yes

Surf guiding = Yes





dfrost taghaozut surf camp MoroccoFor those looking for for a more upmarket Taghazout surf experience DFrost is a solid choice! 

Hosting up to 40 guests DFrost is sure to have a social vibe and their gorgeous rooftop terrace overlooks the waves of Hashpoint – and even comes kitted out with a hot tub too – the perfect place to soak up the sunset and enjoy an after surf beer!

With a range of package options from B&B through to cultural inclusions and of course surf lessons and guiding it’s great for surfers, families and groups too.

Their waterfront bar – The BBB – is also one of only 3 spots in Taghazout with an alcohol license too so you can also grab post surf cocktail!

Accomodation only = Yes

Learn to surf packages = Yes

Surf guiding = Yes




Click here to book a whole heap of Taghazout surf camp options


Where To Stay

Not keen on a surf camp experience? Well luckily there are heaps of places to stay in Taghazout – from villas and hotels to homestays.

Use the below map to check out the latest prices and availability




Taghazout Surf Spots

Beginner Surf Spots

Devils Rock (beach)

One of the most popular and famous beginner surf spots in Morocco is Devils Rock. It used to be a sandy bottom beach break but in recent years the sand has shifted so there are a few rocky sections to watch out for. Super fun but can get crowded.

Crocs (beach)

The other side of Devils Rock lies Crocs – another super mellow sandy bottom beach break suitable for all levels of surfer. Again watch out for the crowds and also rips when the swell picks up.

Panoramas (beach)

To the left of Taghazout town lies Panoramas Beach which is a really fun and mellow beach break with lots of peaks to choose from.

K17 (beach)

If you have some transport K17 sits in the middle of the long stretch of beach between Panoramas and Crocs. A popular spot for surf schools when the other spots get crowded.

Bananas (beach)

Bananas sits in front of Banana Village (no prizes for guessing what most shops are selling here!) and is another fun little beachie perfect for surf schools and those learning to surf. When the swell picks up there are some fun peaks for all levels and the point will start working too.



Intermediate Surf Spots

Bananas (point and beach)

One of my favourite spots in the area, this reeling right hand point can hold a solid amount of swell and produce some really long rides. Beware of the rocks, rips and dumping inside section when it’s pumping though.

Panoramas (point and beach)

Another personal favourite, Panorama Point can get pretty crowded due to its proximity to the town but if it’s working it’s well worth a paddle. Another reeling right hander, just be aware of the rocky, shallow section if you’re taking off deep and there can be some crazy rips when the coast is pumping.

Hash Point (point and beach)

When Hash Point works it’s a super fun waves and can handle some size – however it can be really hit and miss depending on what the sand banks are doing each year. Right in front of the main part of town when it works its the easiest wave to reach – just beware of the rocks, especially at high tide.

Killers (point)

On the Northern part of the coast is Killers – a super long right hander which will provide some memorable rides on the right conditions. A bit of a trek down the cliff face to reach the beach and a long paddle out but well worth it when it’s on.

Take your valuables with you though as car theft in this area is pretty bad.



Advanced Surf Spots

Anchor Point (point)

taghazout surf guide morocco surf camps learn to surfEasily the most famous surf spot in Taghazout as well as Morocco as a whole. This epic right hand point break hold a huge range of swell and is certainly advanced to expert surfers only when the big swells roll through. Expect long carevable walls and cover up sections.

As well as the rock jump off beware of the rips and also heavy localism.

Boilers (reef)

Breaking off the wreck of an old ship this fast right hander is a great way to escape the crowds when Anchors is going off. Not the easiest spot to reach or paddle out to – but worth the time and effort when its reeling.

You’ll definitely need to pack your reef booties for this spot as it’s full of urchins!

Mysteries (point)

This rocky bottom right hander sits beside the famous Anchor Point. Careful on the rocky bottom take off – which is pretty hollow and critical – but once you make that, expect lots of playful walls to carve up. A short beach paddle out will find you in the lineup, but beware of the sweep and rips in bigger swells.






Morocco Surf Instructor Courses

If you’re looking to become a surf instructor Taghazout plays host to an epic Morocco surf instructor course.

Coached by the experienced team at Surf Berbere – a 12 week, zero to hero style course which is suitable for all levels of surfers. Including accommodation, meals, surf kit, theory lessons, day/weekend trips around Morocco and some awesome community projects it’s one of the most popular surf instructor courses out there.

For more info and to book your spot click here




Places To Eat

As Taghazout develops more and more places to eat have popped up – from local Moroccan cuisine to pasta pizza and everything in between.

Some of the tops spots to eat in Taghazout include;

  • Le Spot
  • L’Auberge
  • World of Waves
  • Surf Berbere Cafe
  • Cafe La Paix
  • Sunset Taghazout
  • Cafe Mouja
  • Windy Bay

One things for sure though – you can’t leave Morocco without sampling a traditional local Tagine (their version of a slow cooked hot pot) all washed down with some super sugary mint tea.

I couldn’t honestly eat that for the rest of my life and be super happy!

A word of warning though – Moroccan belly is a bit of an issue when eating out anywhere in Morocco (especially when it comes to more local restaurants) so I’d always recommend brining an ample supply of rehydration sachets and and diarrhoea tablets…better to be safe than sorry!



Is Taghazout Safe?

On a tangent note one of the other things I most often get asked about surfing in Morocco is, “is it safe” – and of course this goes for Taghazout too.

taghazout surf guide morocco surf camps learn to surfWell I wont lie, it’s not the safest place I’ve ever headed for a surf trip, but it’s also certainly not the most dangerous either.

As a guy I found wandering around Taghazout no worries at all – but in the night I did make sure I stuck to well lit, main road rather than meander around the back alleys. It’s one of those countries where theft is opportunistic, so just be sensible.

When it comes to being a female it’s a slightly different story though. When I travelled there with my girlfriend she said she felt pretty safe whenever we went out together, but she said that when she was on her own things certainly changed.

Not so much in a “I’m going to get robbed” angle, but more in a cat calling and leering way.

Moroccan men have a reputation for being pretty creepy – especially when it comes to foreign ladies, so again be sensible, cover up when going out (it’s a strict Muslim country so be aware of that) and don’t prance around the beach in a skimpy bikini!

The bottom line is that as with most places around the globe it’s about being sensible – so don’t let any of the above put you off. It’s more helpful advice so you can go in with an idea of what to expect.

Oh and it’s also worth pointing out that if you’re travelling around in a hire car be careful where you park – due to thieves and also localism! One notorious spot is the lay-by overlooking Killers where I’ve personally seen more than a few car windows smashed in!




Taghazout Surf Report

Want to know what the surfs doing in Taghazout right now? Well here’s the latest surf report from Taghazout!




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