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The Best Byron Bay Surf Spots And Where To Find Them (Inc Map)

There are plenty of Byron Bay surf spots to choose from no matter what you’re level of surfing or what the swells doing – but with so many to choose from where do you head?

I’ve spent heaps of time living in Byron Bay with my surfboard in tow so here’s a little bit of insider knowledge on the best Byron Bay surf spots and where to find them, so you can score some fun waves next time you’re in the Bay!


Byron Bay Surf Spots

1. Belongil

Just north of Byron town (like a 2 minute drive!) is Belongil, situated in front of the Treehouse Cafe and WakeUp hostel. This right hander is the perfect spot if you want to avoid the crowds at The Wreck but with a small takeoff spot it can get busy quite quickly.

There are also a few beach break spots around it too, ideal for learners.

  • Level: All levels
  • Parking cost – $FREE


2. The Wreck

One of my personal favourite Byron Bay surf spots The Wreck is named after the shipwreck of the SS Wollongbar – the rudder of which can still be seen poking out above the waterline.

Serving up some fast, hollow waves this is the main surf spot you’ll see from the beach car park and when it’s working properly you’re in for a treat. There’s nice right just off the rudder too, but be aware the remains of the ships boilers lie under the waterline so surf with caution.

  • Level: Intermediate > Advanced on bigger swells
  • Parking cost – $4 per hour (max 4 hours)


3. Main Beach

byron bay surf spots guide australia pass wreck tallows
Main Beach Is Heaps Of Fun

When the Pass is packed and the swell is pumping Main Beach offers up a few peaks so it’s easy to avoid the crowds here. With a mixture of left and rights there’s plenty of waves to choose from and it’s best surfed on a mid to high tide. Too much water and it’ll go fat and dumpy, too little water and it’s a bit too fast and shallow.

Just be aware when the swell is big there can be some hectic rip currents and shore dumps here.

  • Level: All
  • Parking cost – $4 per hour (max 4 hours)


4. Clarkes

the furthest right hand corner of main beach is called Clarkes and it’s a great spot to hit up if the winds messing with Main Beach a little too much. Again there are a few peaks to choose from and there’s some super fun waves to be had.

  • Level: All
  • Parking cost – $4 per hour (max 4 hours)

5. The Pass

Easily the most famous of the Byron Bay surf spots, The Pass is a Mecca for long boarders from all around the world. This sandy bottom point break reels for hundreds of metres and you’ll get some of the longest rides of your life here when it’s working properly.

But with perfection comes the crowds and when it’s pumping this place (and the carpark!) will be totally rammed! If you still want to brave the crowds it can be easier to park at Clarkes and walk up the point.

For beginners the inside point/beach break is a great place to learn to surf or practice your skills, for more advanced surfers the main take of point lies behind the rock outcrop with the lookout point, but be prepared to wait as the locals wont be giving away waves in a hurry.

  • Level: All
  • Parking cost – $4 per hour



6. Wategos

Another long boarding favourite Wategos is a stunning beach with some super fun waves. A few peaks to choose from but the right hand point is certainly a favourite for those in search of a long ride, whereas the peak in front of the cliff on the left hand side of the beach can serve up something a bit more punchy when the swell is right.

  • Level: All
  • Parking cost – $4 per hour (max 4 hours)


7. Little Wategos

A short walk along the lighthouse trail from Wategos and you can take a left down to Little Wategos. Usually no crowds here and a great little longboardable right hander.

  • Level: All
  • Parking cost – $4 per hour (max 4 hours) (park at Wategos)


8. Tallows

Around the other side of Cape Byron is a long stretch of beach called Tallows. It’s about a 25 minute walk from town or a 5 minute drive. Again there are plenty of peaks to choose from but most of the time the aptly named ‘Cosy Corner’ serves up the best wedges – nestled in the top left hand corner of the beach under the lighthouse.

9 times out of 10 you’ll also be joined by a friendly pod of local dolphins having fun in the waves too.

There’s limited car parking available (it’s part of the National Park) so when it’s pumping it can be a nightmare to get a space there and as an open beach be aware of rip currents, there’s no lifeguard patrol here.

  • Level: Intermediate > Advanced
  • Parking cost – $4 per hour


9. Suffolk

Between Tallows and Broken is Suffolk Park, a small suburb of Byron which has a few fun peaks that are usually a little less crowded and offer up similar conditions to Tallows. There’s no protection here though so the wind can mess with it quite easily.

  • Level: Intermediate > Advanced
  • Parking cost – $FREE


10. Broken Head

At the far end of Tallows lies Broken Head which has both a beach break and a point break. When the point is working there are some super long rides to enjoy, with the inside section often serving up some fun little barrels. If you’re heading to the point wander around the rocks and use the rip to get out with minimum effort.

The beach is great for all levels of surfer and as long as the swell isn’t too big there are a selection of little peaks to enjoy.

For people looking to campervan/camp along the coast Broken Head also has a campsite right on the beach in front of the waves.

  • Level: All (Beach), Intermediate > Advanced (Point)
  • Parking cost – $FREE (for the first part of the parking area)


Just a final word of warning – all the above spots can handle a solid amount of swell, so when it’s pumping beginners should opt to watch from the beach as it can get hectic out there!



Check out the full Byron Bay Surf forecast below!


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