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What can I expect from Travelling The Maldives?

The Maldives has long been a hotspot for luxury travellers – with incredible private island resorts and the famous overwater bungalows.

But with this level of travel comes a huge price tag.

Luckily things have now changed in recent years and there’s a huge growth in budget and mid range accommodation options as local island have now opened up to tourism.

So from as little as $50USD you can grab a double, A/C room in a beach front hotel! The same island paradises at a fraction of the cost!

This means the Maldives is no longer the domain of the rich and the newly wed – attracting a huge range of travellers from all over the globe drawn in by tropical waters, palm tress and incredible island retreats.

Whether you want to snorkel with manta rays and whale sharks, score would class surf, scuba dive with sharks or simply relax in paradise the Maldives has something for everyone and every budget.

Top Things to See and Do in The Maldives

Stay in an overwater bungalow
Scuba dive with sharks at Alimatha
Experience life on a local island
Chill out on an empty sand cay
Surf at a private surf break
Snorkel with some turtles
Go dolphin watching
Meet the manta rays
Enjoy sunset cocktails

Cost of travelling The Maldives

Accommodation – Despite what many people think the Maldives has a huge array of accommodation options – from local island guesthouses to luxury private islands. You can grab a double A/C room at a beachfront hotel from as little as $50USD per night on a local island of spend $1000s on an over water bungalow!

Food – Your food budget is really going to come down to where you end up staying – local islands offer meals from around $5USD whereas private resorts usually have supplements for half board, full board and all inclusive.

Transportation – there are a few transport options in the Maldives depending on where you’ll be based. From seaplanes (which are pretty pricey) and shared speedboats (which are around $35USD for an hours ride) to local ferries which only cost a few dollars to hop between local islands. Both island resort and guesthouses will help you sort these though.

Suggested daily budget – Anywhere from $50USD > $500USD+ based on two sharing. This is all really going to boil down to the length of your trip and whether you decide to hit up local island or splash out on something more luxurious!

Check out my Maldives budget post for more detailed info.

Money Saving Tips In The Maldives

Stay On Local Islands This will definitely add the most value to your budget as staying on local islands like Maafushi, Thulusdhoo or Fulidhoo (amongst many more!) will reduce your daily budget heaps.
Go All Inclusive If you do go for the fancy resorts then upgrading to the all inclusive package can really bring your overall costs - as additional meals and alcohol can add a lot to the final bill.
Travel in shoulder season Avoiding peak season in the Maldives - whether you go high end of budget travel - will give you a lot more value for money with some amazing discounted accommodation rates.
Budget Airlines There are now some great budget airline options for your flights to the Maldives including Scoot and Air Asia. Not only do they mean you can add it into your South East Asia trip but also long haul from spots like Gold Coast in Australia as well.

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What can I expect from The Maldives?

The Maldives was once just for the rich or honeymooners – with private luxury resort hitting the high end of anyones travel budget. But in the last few years the laws in the Maldives has changed and locals are now allowed to run guesthouses on the local islands.

This has resulted in a huge increase in budget accommodation across the country – opening it up to lots more travellers and you can get some great value for money for a fraction of the price.

This added competition has also meant hotels have lowered prices to compete and there is now a mid range accommodation sector to choose from as well – both mid range private islands and high end local island hotels.

One thing to point out if you are going to go with local island travel in the Maldives is the fact it is a strict Muslim country – so you wont find any alcohol or bars and you will need to cover up and be respectful of the local laws. That being said the islands do tend to have a dedicated tourist or bikini beach where you can show a bit more flesh and top up the tan and some of the local islands also have boat bars just off the beach – taking advantage of some loopholes in the laws so you can have a cheeky cocktail!


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