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12 EPIC Maldives Surf Resorts For The Ultimate Surfing Luxury

On the hunt for some surfing luxury? Well these 10 epic Maldives surf resorts combing world class waves and luxury living – get ready to surf in paradise!

When it comes to luxury surfing the range of Maldives surf resorts is hard to beat!

Tropical waters, world class waves and luxury living do mean a higher price tag – but you definitely get what you pay for.

That being said you don’t have to be a millionaire to kick back and relax at some of The Maldives surf resorts on this list. Whether you’re enjoying a more budget option or going all out with the full overwater bungalow experience any of surf resorts on this list are going to give you the trip of a lifetime – both in and out of the waves!

One important thing to note is many of the resorts with exclusive surf breaks do require you to book a specific surf package (often through their surf operator) to access the waves and surf transfers, so don’t expect to just turn up with your board!

So it’s time to get your wanderlust going and start planning your dream surf trip in The Maldives…



12 EPIC Maldives Surf Resorts For The Ultimate Surfing Luxury

1. Cinnamon Dhonveli – Pasta Point

I’m going to be pretty upfront here – surfing at Pasta Point and staying at Cinnamon Dhonveli has been by far the best surf experience I’ve had in all my years of travel! Sure the Mentawais was epic, but surfing here just oozed luxury and was heaps of fun!

The island itself is only a short hop from Malé Airport – making it ideal for those wanting to cut down on travel time – and has all the facilities you’d expect from a luxury Maldives surf resort. Pool, private lagoon, numerous bars and restaurants, A/C, wifi etc etc

But the real draw to Cinnamon Dhoveli is of course the famous Pasta Point – a reeling left hander famous as one of the best surf spots in The Maldives.

When the swell build expect some cover ups, but long walls and carves are the main order of the day, making it ideal for a range of surf styles and levels.

Pasta is exclusive to in house guests with a surf pass too, limited to 30 surfers. Yes I know that sounds a lot, but during my stay I never shared the wave with more than 5 people and had a few surfers to myself too, it’s what dreams are made of!

If you have the budget for it splurging on an overwater bungalow also puts the waves right on your doorstep – and you can check the surf on the way to breakfast or the bar – winning!

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Click here for more info on their surf packages and to book.

Atoll = North Malé

Distance from Malé = 25 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Sultans, Honkys, Jailbreaks

Exclusive surf break = YES! Pasta Point (max 30 surfers)




2. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi – Lohis

Another Maldives surf resort nestled amongst the famous waves of the North Male Atoll, Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi has exclusive access to the surf spot Lohis, a long left hander which is one of the most consistent spots The Maldives has to offer.

When you’re not busy smashing down the line a Lohis you can kick back with a cold beer or cocktail at the Surfer Village which overlooks it (it’s only a few metres off the takeoff spot!), get rid of those post surf aches at the in-house spa or refuel at one of the 6 bars and resorts around the resort.

As you’d expect from any luxury Maldives brand there’s a choice of accommodation from garden villas to their full overwater ‘Prestige Ocean Villas’ for those looking to get the full Maldives experience.

If you fancy venturing away from the resorts house wave you can also tick some famous other breaks off the bucket list as Cokes, Chickens, Sultans and Jailbreaks are all within a short surf transfer away – great to mix up the styles and sample some of the best lefts and rights The Maldives has to offer.

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Atoll = North Male

Distance from Malé = 30 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Jailbreaks, Honkys, Sultans, Cokes, Chickens

Exclusive surf break = YES! Lohis (max 45 surfers)




3. Niyama Private Islands – Vodi

Lately Niyama Maldives has been hitting the surf headlines as the pre season training ground for 2 times world champ Gabriel Medina – which shows the quality of this Maldives surf resort and the waves it has to offer!

The resort itself is split into two – Chill and Play.

Head to Play if you’re honeymooning or on a romantic getaway, whilst Chill is more catered to family and groups.

But don’t worry, you’ll be spoilt whatever option you choose, with absolutely stunning villas and overwater bungalows as well as a range of dining experiences too – including the underwater restaurant and spa Subsix…now how’s that for surfing luxury?! 

Paddle out off the point to Vodi, the closest break which offers long reeling lefts and is an exclusive break for surfers staying at Niyama. Depending on the swell this spot can be suitable for all levels of surfer, but when it starts pumping be prepared for fast sections and cover ups, making it an intermediate and advanced spot.

For those wanting rights the nearby Kasabu is again a wave which can cater for all levels. The inside section by the lagoon is ideal for beginners and long boarders, but when the swell pumps the corner becomes a playground for intermediate and advanced surfers only.

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Atoll = Dhaalu

Distance from Malé = 40 mins (seaplane)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Kasabu, Hocus Pocus

Exclusive surf break = YES! Vodi


4. Season Paradise – Cokes

Unlike the other Maldives surf resorts on the list Season Paradise isn’t on it’s own private island – making it the best budget friendly option for those looking to surf in the Maldives whilst retaining that touch of comfort.

Based on Thulusdhoo Island and just a short hop from Malé Airport it will also give you the opportunity to sample local island life too, which is something I highly recommend everyone does.

But with in house gym, watersports centre, restaurant and of course the rooftop infinity pool (where you can check the waves from!) Season Paradise has everything you need for a more than comfortable stay and offers a variety of room options – including sea views and suites.

When it comes to the waves you can walk to the paddle out to the famous Cokes surf break (just off the tip of the island) or grab one of the in house boat transfers to Cokes or the neighbouring Chickens.

For experienced surfers Cokes is one of the best surf spots in North Male Atoll (and arguably the most well known in The Maldives itself!) and offers reeling right handers with a fast barrel section, suitable for high end intermediates and advanced surfers only.

Chickens on the other hand is a goofy footers dream – situated across the channel and offering long walls as well as some cover up sections too when the swell builds.

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Click here for more info on their surf packages and to book.

Atoll = North Male

Distance from Malé = 25 mins (public speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Chickens, Honkys, Sultans, Ninjas

Exclusive surf break = No




5. Anantara Dhigu – Nonyas

Another absolutely stunning 5* resort and probably one of the most luxurious Maldives surf resorts on the list – Anantara Dhigu is for those who love to be spoilt!

In actual fact there are 3 resorts (Anantara Dhigu, Anantara Veli and Naladhu Private Island) within Anantara depending on the level of luxury you want, with Naladhu being the most luxurious, with rooms even including your own private butler!

When it comes to the waves your closest break will be Nonyas, just a 5min speedboat ride away, which offers up some  super fun, long rides and is suitable for all levels of surfers.

If you want to sample some more punchier Maldives surf spots there are plenty to choose from – including the likes of Boatyards (10mins away and a reeling, hollow left), Riptides (a fast right hander which sits in the channel near Guraidhoo Island) and Natives (which also goes by the name of Foxys and can produce some epically long barrels.)

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Atoll = South Male

Distance from Malé = 35 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Boatyards, Riptides, Natives

Exclusive surf break = No




6. Six Senses Laamu – Yin Yang

If you don’t mind putting in a bit of extra travel time to enjoy some truly uncrowded surf breaks then Six Senses Laamu is The Maldives surf resort you’ve been looking for!

Situated in the Laamu Atoll it will add an extra 1 hour 15 mins to your travel time (1 hour by seaplane and 15 mins by speedboat) but you’ll be rewarded with a stunning island paradise, incredible resort and heaps of waves without the crowds!

As the only resort in the Atoll (for the moment anyway) the house reef and beach offer wave a short paddle from the resort (affectionately known as Jetty C), but the main draw here is Yin Yangs – which offers up some fun waves on the outside section and some steep, hollow barrels on the inside.

The nearby Machines is also another favourite for advanced surfers, offering up some long tube rides in the right conditions.

And as for the resort itself? Expect true Maldives luxury with an array of overwater bungalows, villas, in-house spa, multiple dinning options and a variety of scuba diving and day trip options to keep you busy on down days or the family entertained whilst you’re in the waves!

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Atoll = Laamu

Distance from Malé = 1 hour (seaplane) + 15 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Petrols, Machines

Exclusive surf break = No (although there are no other resorts in the Atoll!)




7. Four Seasons Kuda Huraa – Sultans

The Four Seasons brand is something you immediately associate with luxury and their Maldives surf resort won’t disappoint!

Expect their famous levels of hospitality and facilities nestled amongst the stunning islands of the North Male Atoll and within easy speedboat reach of the airport, an ideal getaway for those not wanting to add much more travel time to their international flights.

With the barrelling waves of Sultans just 5 minutes from the resort and other Maldives classics like Cokes, Chickens, Jailbreaks and Ninjas close by it’s the perfect spot to combine some luxurious living with some world class waves.

Although it lacks the exclusive break that Cinnamon Dhonveli boast with Pasta Point, the level of luxury at Four Seasons is a step above and their range of VIP surf packages also include the option for seaplane surfaris too…where do we sign up?!

Click here for more info on their surf packages and to book.

Atoll = North Male

Distance from Malé = 25 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Cokes, Chickens, Honkys, Ninjas

Exclusive surf break = No



8. Gili Lankanfushi – Jailbreaks

Want luxury surfing and one of the premier Maldives surf resorts? Well Gili Lankanfushi boasts being the winner of the 2018 TripAdvisor Maldives Hotel Award – which as you can imagine isn’t the easiest award to win!

With the full array of Garden, Beach and Overwater bungalows that The Maldives is famous for Gili Lankanfushi also takes things a step further with the Crusoe Residence – a series of two story villas only accessible by boat!

How insane is that?!

And then of course there’s the range of in-house dining (including an overwater bar and restaurant situated in the lagoon) as well as a relaxing spa to take the edge off those noodle arms.

When it comes to the waves the closest break to Gili Lankanfushi is Jailbreaks – a super fun right hander which offers up barrels and hackable walls on most swells and is one of the most consistent breaks in the area. So get ready to surf yourself silly!

Just across the channel lies Sultans and Honkys too and the fact 3 breaks sit in close proximity means crowds are usually dispersed, but also means there’s somewhere sheltered to paddle out at if the winds not favourable at Jails.

And being in the North Male Atoll you cant forget about the likes of Cokes and Chickens either – a must visit for any serious surfer.

Atoll = North Male

Distance from Malé = 20 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Sultans, Honkys, Cokes, Chickens

Exclusive surf break = No




9. COMO Maalifushi – Farms/Mikados

When it comes to the biggest variety of surf spots you can enjoy then COMO Maalifushi is The Maldives surf resort which definitely takes the prize, with easy access to over 20 surf breaks, across 3 atolls.

Yup a surf stay at COMO Maalifushi gives you a pass which allows you to access breaks across Laamu Atoll, Thaa Atoll and Dhaalu Atoll – so think the variety of a surf charter merged with the convenience, luxury and service of a private island resort!

And with that level of service comes the full range of luxury accommodation (yes that includes overwater bungalows and even a 4 bedroom residence!), in-house spa and a choice of 3 island restaurants which take advantage of the Como Shambhala Cuisine – their unique nutritional concept which basically makes everything super healthy and good for you!

…now that’s a luxurious way to refuel after a hard day in the waves!

Atoll = Thaa

Distance from Malé = 50 mins (seaplane)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Sharks, Kasabu, Vodi, Machines, Yin Yangs (there are heaps!)

Exclusive surf break = No




10. Kandooma Resort (Holiday Inn) – Kandooma

Run by Holiday Inn (yes Holiday Inn of all people!) Kandooma Resort is another more affordable option on the list. It’s also one of the most sustainable too, with a huge focus on eco friendly practices, so kudos to them for that!

Right in front of the resort is Kandooma, a fast right hander which breaks right in front of the resort and is a pretty easy paddle out.

Although exclusivity of the house break Kandoomas has been enforced since 2014 the cap on surfers on the island is 50, which  does mean its not quite as exclusive as some of the other Maldives surf resorts on the list!

Luckily though there are a variety of other spots within a short distance too – including both left and rights – so if you find it’s busy in the water you’re not confined to the one break.

Click here for more info on their packages and to book

Atoll = South Malé

Distance from Malé = 45 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Natives, Riptides

Exclusive surf break = YES! Kandoomas (max 40 surfers)


11. Kuda Villingili – Chickens

Opening in June 2021, Kuda Villingili is one of the newest resort in the Maldives, and certainly the newest Maldives surf resorts.

This truly luxurious 5* resort has everything you’d expect and more – including the largest swimming pool in the Maldives!

For surfers, Kuda Villingili has direct access to Chickens, one of the most fun left handers in the North Male Atoll, and although it’s not an exclusive break – you can paddle straight off the island and into the lineup.

For those looking for something a bit punchier the famous Cokes sits right across the channel too, with other firm favourites like Honkys, Sultans and Jails just a short boat transfer away.

With a high end clientele, stunning over water villas and 5* service, if you’ll looking for some serious luxury living, this is the place to head.

Click here for more info on their packages and to book

Atoll = North Malé

Distance from Malé = 25 mins (resort speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Cokes, Sultans, Honkys, Jailbreaks

Exclusive surf break = No. But direct access to Chickens



12. Ayada – Love Charms

Based down in Gaafu Dhaalu in the the Southern Atolls – Ayada is my pick for those looking to get off the beaten track a bit. The extra travel time (2 hours, including a domestic flight and speedboat transfer) is well worth it, with minimal crowds, especially compared to the Male Atolls.

Although there’s not a house break within paddling distance of the resort, Ayada Maldives sits amongst a whole array of surf spots, the closest of which is just a 5 minute boat transfer away.

Love Charms is one of the most consistent and a firm favourite with surfers heading that way, although Blue Bowls and Tiger Stripes are the main draw for those hunting heavy, barrelling waves.

As with all the resorts on the list, Ayada Maldives delivers the Maldives resort luxury you’ve come to expect – and the range of dining options and accomodation has something for everyone.

If you head down this way we also highly recommend jumping on a dive trip or snorkel tour too – the reef system in the Southern Atolls is incredible!

Click here for more info on their packages and to book

Atoll = Gaafu Dhaalu

Distance from Malé = 2 hours (55 minute domestic flight + 50 minute speedboat)

Neighbouring surf breaks = Blue Bowls, Tiger Stripes, Beacons and Five Islands

Exclusive surf break = No


Maldive Surf Resort Map

And if you’re not quite sure where all of the above sit in terms of The Maldives islands and atolls I’ve put together the below map to help you place them! And if you want even more info on surfing in The Maldives check out my full guide here


Have you stayed at any epic Maldives surf resorts or planning a trip?

Chuck some recommendations in the comments!


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