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Thulusdhoo Island Surf Guide – Maldives Local Island Surfing!

Heading to Thulusdhoo Island for some Maldives local island surfing? Here’s everything you need to know, inc how to get there, the best surf spots and costs

Planning a trip to Thulusdhoo Island in the Maldives for a wave filled, tropical surf trip? Good decision!

thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3Thulusdhoo is one of my favourite Maldives local islands – where all the sunshine, beaches and good vibes of the Maldives can be found at a much more affordable price that you might think!

Sure the resort islands are the pinnacle of paradise – but Thulusdhoo offers up a stay in the real Maldives, complete with a world class surf break, in the form of Cokes, as well as countless other surf spots within a short boat trip.

So to help you piece together your dream trip to the Maldives here’s everything you need to know about Thulusdhoo…

Thulusdhoo Island Surf Guide – Maldives Local Island Surfing!

Where Is Thulusdhoo

Thulusdhoo Island is one of the many Maldives local Islands and sits in the Male Atoll – making it quick and easy to reach from the main airport.



How To Get To Thulusdhoo Island

If you’re travelling the Maldives on a budget and are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to get to Thulusdhoo (and some of the other Maldives local island in the Male atoll) then the local ferry is your best bet.

thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3First off you’ll have to get over to Male City (which is easily done from the airport, with ferries leaving every 10 minutes and costing around $1

  • Duration = 85/120 mins (depending on the departure day)
  • Cost = $3USD one way
  • Local Ferry (85 mins) departs Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 3:30pm
  • Slow Ferry (120mins) departs Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 2:30pm
  •  or Friday at 10:30pm

For those in a bit more of a hurry or not so worried about budget the speedboat ferries go directly to Thulusdhoo.

  • Duration = 25 mins
  • Cost = $30USD one way

There are a few companies running to Thulusdhoo, so your best option will be to chat to your guesthouse or hotel who will easily be able to arrange it for you – and sometimes at a discounted rate too!



The Best Time To Visit

So when’s the best time to visit the Maldives?

Well if you’re heading to Thulusdhoo for the surf the main Maldives surf season runs from March to October, with the peak surf season being June to August, when the biggest, most consistent swells come through.

However, the best time to visit the Maldives in terms of weather is January to March – so if you want the best of both worlds (especially if you’re travelling with any non surfers), I’d suggest March as the best of both!

Where To Stay On Thulusdhoo

When it comes to where to stay on Thulusdhoo, as with all the Maldives local islands there are a few different options to choose from depending on your style and budget;

Hotel Options

thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3The main hotel on Thulusdhoo is Season Paradise and one I highly recommend – as the rooftop pool has some awesome views, including the local surf spots! So if you’re looking for the most luxury option on the island that’s where I’d head.

Click here for more info and to check availability 

Guest-house Options

The main style of accomodation on Thulusdhoo are locally owned guest-houses. Not only do these put money back in the pockets of the locals, but it’s a great way to experience more of the real Maldives and are also super budget friendly too. Check out the widget below for the best options and get it all booked in easily.

Surf and Stay Packages

If you’re heading to Thulusdhoo for surfing (and I’m guessing you are if you’re reading this guide!) then there are also a few options in terms of surf and stay packages that help you make the most of your time in the Maldives and of course the waves on offer.

For those wanting a bit more luxury and comfort Season Paradise surf and stay packages start at £589GBP – including your return airport transfers, accomodation, brekkie and daily surf transfers to Cokes and Chickens, with the option of adding on boat trips to surrounding breaks too.

Click here for more information and to check availability

Or for those travelling on more of a budget, local guest house Palm Lodge offers some really affordable packages, starting at just £195. Again this includes your accomodation (inc A/C), return airport transfers, brekkie and your daily surf trips as well.

Click here for more information and to check availability



Maldives Local Island Surfing – The Spots

And then of course is the main reason you’re heading to the Maldives in the first place – the surf! Thulusdhoo sits amongst a whole host of world class waves – with a good mixture of lefts and rights to choose from.


cokes surf spot thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3Cokes is one of the most famous surf spots in the Maldives and is the islands local break. Sitting just off the main island it’s a pretty easy paddle to get out into the lineup – depending on the swell of course!

This reeling right hander breaks across a pretty shallow reef (so reef boots are advised) and offer ups some fast, punchy rides with some solid barrel sections.

Best for high end intermediate surfers and upwards, but when the swells pumping it’s experts only!


Sat just across the channel from Cokes and just a few minutes boat transfer from Thulusdhoo is Chickens – one of the most fun left handers in the Maldives.

Breaking over a deeper reef than Cokes it’s much more playful, but when the swell rolls in get ready for some carveable walls, small barrel sections and some super long rides.

On smaller days it’s great for longboarders and less advanced surfers.




Breaking off another local island, Himmasfushi, Jailbreaks is another firm favourite in the Maldives surf spot hit list.

Much less daunting than Cokes, Jailbreaks offers some really long right handers which start along the shallow reef and run along the island into the deeper channel. A great option when some of the other spots are getting a bit crowded.


sultans surf spot thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3Alongside Cokes this is another world class right hander, breaking off an uninhabited island just across from the famed Pasta Point and close to Himmafushi.

Expect punchy walls, tube rides and some pretty gnarly current too – although it breaks across a deeper reef than Cokes which makes it slightly more friendly!


Paddle up past the peak of Sultans and you’ll find Honkys – which is basically the left hand version of Sultans! Same deal here, although Honkys is usually a longer ride than Sultans and less busy too.


For those looking for a more playful wave,  the 20 minute boat trip from Thulusdhoo to Ninjas offers up some really fun right handers and is a favourite for intermediate surfers and longboarders too.

It’s also a great spot to head if Cokes is really big and you fancy something a bit more chilled!



Other Things To Do On Thulusdhoo

As well as all the awesome Maldives surfing fun you’ll be having there’s plenty of things to do on Thulusdhoo – ideal for any non surfing partners, flat day fun or just because you want to rest up those arms for the next session!

Dolphin watching

There are plenty of pods of dolphin that call this area home and you might even see them passing by whilst you’re surfing. Otherwise you can head out on a dolphin watching trip to spot even more of them. A top tip though – a pod regularly heads past Thulusdhoo each day with the tides and if you’re staying at Season Paradise you can easily spot them from your balcony!

Turtle Snorkelling

thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3Who doesn’t love turtles?! The oceans around the Maldives are full of these amazing dudes, so make sure you head out on a turtle snorkelling safari and pack your GoPro to capture all the fun. Just be sensible, keep your distance and DON’T touch them!

Scuba Diving

Want to see more of what happens under the water? Well the Maldives is packed full of incredible scuba diving and there are plenty of dives spots all around Thulusdhoo. You can even get your dive certification there too.


Resort Island Visit

Fancy experiencing the luxury of a Maldives resort island but without the price tag? A resort island day trip is the perfect option for a day of luxury and there are a few nearby options you can choose from – as well as being able to bolt on an all inclusive pass for unlimited food and booze!

The Floating Bar

As with all the Maldives local island, Thulusdhoo is alcohol free. However, there is a floating bar moored just off of the lagoon – the perfect spot for a sunset beer!

Sand bank Excursion

Another super chilled way to spend the day is a sand bank excursion – where you’ll head out to an empty sand cay in the middle of the ocean! the perfect spot for a picnic lunch, or you can go all out and book a romantic trip for just you and your partner.

Visit other local islands

And as well as experiencing the local island life of Thulusdhoo you can head off to check out some of the other nearby islands too. Make sure you have some cash at the ready for all manner of Maldivian foods and crafts.



Top Tips For Exploring Maldives Local Islands

  1. Grab cash at the airport – as many local islands don’t have ATMs
  2. Also get a local SIM – these are relatively cheap and again available at the airport
  3. Local island are dry – so don’t expect any post surf cocktails, or try and bring any duty free with you
  4. The Maldives is Muslim – so be respectful of local laws, wear modest clothes, and use the bikini beaches
  5. Bring the essentials – things like suncream, flip flops, surf wax and gear are pretty pricey!
  6. Eat local – the Maldives has some amazing food, so don’t be afraid to try it out!
  7. Don’t drink the tap water!
  8. Pack some mozzie repellant – especially for the evenings
  9. Reconfirm any onward transport, 48 hours before – just incase departure times have changed

Have you ever visited Thulusdhoo or done any Maldives local island surfing?

Any tips or advice you’d add in?

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