best gopro accesorries for travel gopro hero 8 hero 7 travelling mounts

The Best GoPro Accessories For Travel

From floating grips to domes and dive housings – here are 12 awesome GoPro accessories for travel, helping you capture even more of the adventure!

I love travelling with my GoPro – it’s an epic tool for capturing all sorted of adventure! So if you’re looking for the best GoPro accessories for travel (and also in general really!) here’s some of my tried and tested favourites.

Covering everything from surfing and scuba diving to stabilisation and awesome split water shots pick and choose what suits your own travel style and get shooting!


The Best GoPro Accessories For Travel

best gopro accesorries for travel gopro hero 8 hero 7 travelling mountsShorty Grip

Cost = $27USD

Ok so I’m going to start with my absolute go to GoPro accessory – the Shorty grip. Now it’s often over looked but for those wanting to travel with a GoPro I think it’s a must have.

A 3 in 1 accessory – it’s a hand grip, tripod AND mini selfie stick, so it’s really versatile for heaps of situations

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Floaty Grip

best gopro accesorries for travel gopro hero 8 hero 7 travelling mountsCost = $29USD

Alongside the shorty grip a floaty grip is another must have for anyone going anywhere near the water! Even if you’re not snorkelling or anything like that the floaty grip still doubles up as a hand grip on dry land too.

Sure there are some super cheap options available but honestly the official GoPro version (aka the Handler) is still my favourite – super comfortable foam hand, reliable leash and solid mount on the top. I’ve broken a few cheaper floats mounts before but the Handler has been solid over the last year!

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best gopro accesorries for travel gopro hero 8 hero 7 travelling mountsMouth Mount

Cost = $29USD

Another often overlooked and relatively cheap addition to your kit bag (as well as one of the smaller GoPro accessories) a mouth mount allows you to get some really awesome POV angles.

My pics and videos with me throwing shakkas in front of various locations are all shot with the mouth mount coupled with my GoPro set to a photo every 0.5 seconds.

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best gopro accesorries for travel gopro hero 8 hero 7 travelling mountsSupersuit/Dive Housing

Cost = $49USD

Even though Gopro Hero 6 upwards are waterproof it’s only to 10m – which is awesome for snorkelling and most watersports.

But if you’re looking to scuba dive you’ll need to grab yourself a dive housing – aka the SuperSuit Not much more to say about this really – but it’s a must for scuba divers!

For more info on taking your GoPro scuba diving check out this guide.

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Red Filter

Cost = $29USD

Alongside the Supersuit if you are scuba diving a red filter is another must. Sure the GoPro is actually pretty good with colour correction underwater, but nothing beats a good dive filter.

I’ve been using the Polar Pro Red Filter and it’s served me really well – and definitely worth the extra price tag

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An Egg Timer?!

Cost = $9USD

This one might sound a bit far fetched but a simple egg timer can prove a very useful tool! I picked up a flat topped one off eBay for a for dollars and then used a surfboard mount on top to secure my GoPro – a simple twist and I now have a way of creating steady, panning shots!

Perfect for creating landscape hyperlapses of sunsets, beaches and lookout points.

Sure there are some more polished alternatives like TurnsPro – but they come at a much higher price point, so save yourself some cash

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best gopro accesorries for travel gopro hero 8 hero 7 travelling mountsSelfie Stick

Cost = $39USD

Ah a good old selfie stick – you can’t travel with your GoPro without one! In my experience if you buy cheap with these you’ll end up buying a few, so invest in something solid!

The SP Gadgets Selfie stick has been my go to for a few years now and has handled life in salt water really well too.

In fact I travel with two – one for day to day, dry land use and another to scuba dive with.

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Max Lens Mod

Cost = $99USD

Alongside the Hero 9, GoPro also launched the Max Lens Mod – which boosted the field of vision to a whopping 155 degrees (great for vloggers and POV shots) but more importantly is the fact it unlocked 360 horizon levelling.

Simply put no matter how much you move your GoPro around the shot will stay level and steady.

Now for action sports, vloggers and day to day filmers this brings almost gimbal smooth shots and is well worth the investment and is certainly one of my favourite GoPro accessories.

It also works with the new GoPro Hero 10 too, with even more resolutions and frame rates.





Power Pack

Cost = $49USD

Despite advances in battery life you have two choices when doing a big shoot with GoPro – invest in multiple batteries or invest in a  portable power pack…or I guess you could do both!

The official GoPro power bank is slim, robust and allows you to charge two devices at the same time, so it’s always my go to – but for those on a budget there are certainly cheaper options out there.

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Media Mod, Display Mod & Light Mod

Cost = from $139USD

best gopro accesorries for travel gopro hero 8 hero 7 travelling mountsFor those getting into vlogging and rocking a Gopro Hero 8 or the new GoPro Hero 9 then the media mod, display mod and light mod are all GoPro accessories you’re going to want to be looking into.

Giving you hugely improved audio, a selfie screen and powerful LED light all able to bolt onto the media mod cage it’s a pretty awesome vlogging setup.

However at $139 each investing in all 3 isn’t the cheapest GoPro accessory you’ll be buying and takes the total cost into the range of a full mirrorless camera setup!

For those who are opted for the GoPro Hero 9 (launched in Sept ’20) you’ll now be getting the benefit of the forward facing screen (great for talking to camera pieces or framing your selfies) – but you’ll need the Hero 9 Media Mod instead.

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Ho Stevie! Armband Leash

Cost = $17.97

gopro mouth mount leash gopro hero 8 accessoryAlways wanted to take your GoPro surfing or in the water but worried about dropping it, loosing it or anything along those lines?

Well the Armband Leash from the guys at Ho Stevie! is a solid choice – easily securing your GoPro to your arm with a bodyboard style leash setup.

I used mine on my recent surf trip to the Solomon Islands alongside my GoPro Hero 8 and it worked a treat – keeping it well attached to me (even when I dropped my mouth mount) and handled some good beat downs too!

Well worth the price tag for anyone who’s shooting with a GoPro in the water – whether mouth mount or even any other handle for that matter.

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Cost = $85USD

Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and wondered how people get those epic split screen over/under shots? You know the ones with a stunning island in the background and bikini clad lady swimming through crystal clear waters?

Well they’re captured using a dome lens which mounts on the front of the GoPro – essentially its a bigger lens which allows the camera to easily capture both above and below the water line.

I’ve experimented with premium brands like KNEKT – but honestly for the average GoPro user the GDome is by far the best option.

Robust, practical and without a crazy price tag the GDome is an awesome addition to your travel kit list, especially if you’re

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GoPro Surf Mount – Is It Worth It?

Cost = $9.99USD

Considering I’m a surfer, you would’ve thought a surf mount would have been top of my list of GoPro accessories. Honestly though I’m not super keen on them anymore. Sure th angle is pretty epic, but unless you’re either incredible at surfing or just starting and want some pics their use is pretty limited and they’re a nightmare to remove.

Your call though, some people love them!

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5 Easy Tips For Better GoPro Footage

And of course even the bets GoPro accessories aren’t necessarily going to make your footage heaps better – so here are my 5 easy tips for getting the most out of your video footage and taking your style to the next level!

1) Add movement

This is by far the best trick you can start using to really up your videography game. Adding movement to your shots not only adds a new dynamic it will make easy editing much more easy and effective too. Experiment with moving towards your subject, slowly backing away to reveal a scene or panning either sideways or up/down across your subject matter. It’s so simply but really effective

2) Use reveals

Ah the good old reveal! Whether it’s removing your hand from the lens to join to shots together or set the scene, panning from behind an object (such as a tree or lamppost) to reveal what you’re focusing on or even lifting the camera from below to above the water level – reveals are another great tool to use.

3) Shoot at the right time of day

Another simple, but well overlooked tip is to make sure you’re shooting at the right time of day. Hate how blown out and harsh everything looks in your shot? Chance are you’re shooting right in the middle of the day. Sunrise and sunset are known as golden hour – where the light is warm, soft and lights a scene much better than during the peak of the day. Get up early to catch the early light (and also miss the crowds) and you’ll get waaaay better footage, or aim for just before sunset.

4) Get creative with the inbuilt modes

GoPro Hero 7 and Hero 8 come with some super fun and creative inbuilt modes which can make your edits really pop. TimeWarp is my personal favourite and is great for capturing journeys and moving through longer scenes – such as crossing bridges or wandering through a city.

So play around and get creative!

5) Make the most of frame rates

My final tip would be to play around and make the most of the range of frame rates your GoPro has to offer. Basically the larger the frame rate, the more you can slow down the footage – which is awesome for some powerful slow mo section in your edit. The higher the frame rate the slower you can go, so for fast action sports (like surfing or motocross) shooting in 120FPS or even 240FPS can be super effective.

What are you favourite GoPro accessories?

Anything you’d add to the list?


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