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8 Things To Know About Surfing In Sri Lanka – BEFORE YOU GO!

Planning on surfing in Sri Lanka soon? Well if you’re planning a Sri Lanka surf trip here are 7 things to know, before you go!

Are you planning on surfing in Sri Lanka soon?

I don’t blame you, a Sri Lanka surf trip is never a bad idea and it’s one of my favourite places to venture for good waves, good food and good vibes!

And to help you make the most of your Sri Lanka experience here are 8 things to know, before you go…

8 Things To Know About Surfing In Sri Lanka – BEFORE YOU GO!

Surf Seasons & Coasts

When it comes to surfing in Sri Lanka there are 2 main seasons to choose from. So when is the best Sri Lanka surf season?

Well from October to April it’s surf season in the South West of the country – with areas like Ahangama, Midigama and Weligama all becoming hubs for surfers from all over the globe. This also coincides with the dry season too, so expect plenty of sunshine as well!

From April to October it’s time to head over for the East Coast surf season at Arugam Bay – when the epic point breaks of this coast light up. July, August and Sept are the go for the best of the swell for this season and dawn patrols are highly recommended to make the most of the light morning winds.

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The Water Is Warm

When it comes to surfing in Sri Lanka, one of the key draws is the tropical climate – which means warm water!

Expect both the air and water temp to be in the high 20’s during dry season, which means plenty of zinc, sunscreen and a surf hat is always a good shout too.

Bottom line here – boardies and bikinis are the way to go, with maybe a rashie for some extra sun and wind protection.




Something For All Budgets

As with most of Asia, Sri Lanka caters for all levels of budget – whether you’re backpacking or splurging.

When it comes to accomodation there are a whole host of local guesthouses and hostels to choose from (including in the surf areas) right through to 5* hotel chains, boutique accommodation and private villa rentals such as Secret Spot Villa.

For those travelling solo there are also surf camp options for all budget too – including the Ticket To Ride Surf House which is my go to whenever I head to Sri Lanka. 

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When it comes to food there are lots of local restaurants serving up cheap, delicious food, or treat yourself at some of the higher end restaurants and hipster food joints like the Kip serving up everything from local curries to Mexican, pasta and pizza. 




It’s Great For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers

One of the biggest draws about surfing in Sri Lanka is the fact there is such a great variety of waves for beginner surfers and intermediate surfers.

Unlike the reef breaks of Indonesia and the Maldives, Sri Lanka offers up some much more forgiving surf spots – so it’s the ideal place to learn to surf and also progress quickly.

For those in the intermidiate range, the deep water reefs and easily accessible point breaks mean you can push your skills to the next level, practicing turns and riding plenty of clean, open faces.




But Also Experienced Surfers Too

Even those beginner and intermediate surfers are going to love surfing in Sri Lanka, experienced surfers are going to have a blast too!

Both coasts can handle some size and spots like Rams and The Rock offer punchy, hollow waves.

The bottom line with a Sri Lanka surf trip though, is the waves are fun! So even though you won’t be pulling into and crazy tubes like you would in Indo, you’ll certainly score plenty of fun waves to tear apart – no matter what style of board you love to ride.




Foam Is Your Friend

And alongside the variety of waves on offer, there is of course the big question – “What surfboard should I take to Sri Lanka”

Well, in my personally experience a bit of extra volume is going to go a long way when surfing in Sri Lanka and longboards, mid lengths and fishes are going to be great fun.

Sure, there is a place for your performance shortboard, at the right spot, on the right swell, but for the most part something a bit longer, or with a bit of extra volume in it, will certainly keep the stoke factor high!

Something like the McTavish Rincon, the Firewire Mashup, Christenson Lane Splitter will all be epic options to take along for the ride, but if you’re struggling to decide your go to daily driver is always worth packing.




Plenty Of Epic Non Surf Activities

And of course there’s also the non surfing fun to keep you busy post surf, or if you fancy having a rest day or two.

Sri Lanka is filled with epic places to see and activities to enjoy – from sprawling tea plantations and ancient temples through to elephant safaris and stunning day hikes, Sri Lanka will certainly keep you busy!


Have you been surfing in Sri Lanka?

Any tips or advice you’d share?



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