review gopro hero 10 is it worth the upgrade max lens mod accessories gp2 chip slow mo 5k

REVIEW: GoPro Hero 10 – Is It Worth The Upgrade?

Thinking about grabbing a new GoPro? Here’s my full GoPro Hero 10 review – including all the new features, tips and whether it’s the best GoPro for travel!

Is the GoPro Hero 10 worth the upgrade?

Well GoPros latest (and greatest?) action camera has now been officially launched and promises to deliver big on performance and quality, so here’s my full GoPro Hero 10 review, how it handles in the real world and of course whether you should be upgrading to the Hero 10…

REVIEW: GoPro Hero 10 – Is It Worth The Upgrade?

What’s New With The GoPro Hero 10?

First off, lets cut right to the chase and see what’s new with the GoPro Hero 10 in terms of specs, features and functions:

  • review gopro hero 10 is it worth the upgrade max lens mod accessories gp2 chip slow mo 5k-2New GP2 chip – up to 2x performance boost
  • HyperSmooth 4.0
  • 23 MP images
  • 5.3K videos at 60 FPS
  • 4K video at 120 FPS
  • 2.7k slow-motion videos at 240 FPS
  • Ability to pull up to 19MP images from video
  • Hydrophobic lens coating
  • 2.27-inch touch display (improved sensitivity and a higher refresh rate)
  • Lighter 153g build
  • A new blue logo!

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First Impressions

Out of the box the Hero 10 is pretty on par with the Hero 9, with the exception of that updated, blue logo. It’s a nice touch, if only for aesthetic and marketing reasons!

review gopro hero 10 is it worth the upgrade max lens mod accessories gp2 chip slow mo 5k-2One difference you will really notice though is when you turn it on. The Hero 10 is certainly a faster beast, and jumping between the Hero 9 and Hero 10 for this review really highlighted this.

That GP2 really does supercharge your GoPro in terms of boot up speed, processing and of course unlocking the other key upgrades of the Hero 10.

When it comes to shooting, again with the same body and core functions of the Hero 10 you won’t notice anything new or fancy with your shooting experience, expect the improved touch screen performance when you’re flicking between modes and settings.

Even your Hero 9 mounts will stay the same (thankfully!) which does include the Max Lens Mod as well. That being said the Max Lens Mod is currently un-useable on the Hero 10 until a firmware update is issued, which isn’t expected until Nov!

…something that wasn’t really mentioned anywhere and I only found out when I turned the camera on for a shoot with the Max Lens Mod!

So as far as first impressions form a user experience go, the GoPro Hero 10 feels familiar, but faster.

The core upgrades of the Hero 10 are all under the hood, and it’s the new creative tools that that GP2 chip unlocks that is going to decide whether the GoPro Hero 10 is worth the upgrade for you.




Pros Over The Hero 9

Ok so lets talk about the pros and cons over the GoPro Hero 9 which I’ve been using for the last year.

There are 3 core differences here – processing power, frame rates and resolutions.

The overall performance with the GP2 chip isn’t really something you’ll immediately clock, but it does allow the GoPro Hero 10 to offer those higher frame rates, so although it might appear like a minimal upgrade, it’s the foundation of everything else, so that’s a big plus.

Next up are those higher frame rates – with 5.3K getting a bump to 60 frames per second, 4K jumping to slow mo at 120 frames per second and 2.7K going to super slow mo at 240 frames a second.

If you deal with action video this is a pretty huge jump and a super useful tool. 

In comparison you’d be sticking to 4K max for 60FPS on the Hero 9, and if you wanted those super slow mo options you’d have to bring the video down to 2.7K or even 1080.

Team this up with HyperSmooth 4.0 and it’s application with higher frame rates and horizon levelling and you have a pretty solid combo for high action shooting.

All in all, some solid pros there for adrenaline junkies!

Being able to pull 19MP still from the higher video resolutions and stand alone 23MP pics in Photo mode is a leap forward for photographers using the GoPro range 




GP2 Chip – All About The Speed

The new GP2 chip in the GoPro Hero 10 is without a doubt the biggest upgrade – it’s the brains behind everything else the camera can do.

Essentially, without this huge boost in performance, all the extra resolutions, frame rates and 5.3K wouldn’t be possible – so it might sound all techy and boring, but you still need to appreciate what it results in!

But it’s not just about those added features (which we’ll delve into in a bit), the GP2 chip also kick the little things up a gear too.

Although you might not instantly appreciate the new reliability, reaction time and smoothness of the GoPro menu system on the Hero 10, if you jump back to using the Hero 9 or even earlier you’re certainly notice it!




Do I Really Need 5K?

This is a question I focused on a lot with my GoPro Hero 9 review, and it’s still a big questions to ask yourself with the Hero 10 as well.

For professional videographers and film makers, moving into the 5.3K side of things is going to give you some future proofing in your footage and incredible resolution and clarity – but it is also going to require a lot of processing power for editing.

If 5K is something you’re keen on, the leap to 5.3K at 60 frames per second is going to be music to your ears, along with the extra performance of the GP2 chip, so the Hero 10 is going to be a hard upgrade to pass over!

I still think that for the average user though, the lure of 5.3K still doesn’t fully translate into something that will be of huge advantage and as good as it looks for marketing – 5.3K is certainly more of a pro feature than anything else.




Time To Go Slow Mo

For the average user though, the slow mo options that the GoPro Hero 10 opens up are a big deal, even for non pros.

These higher frame rates will allow you that silky smooth slow mo effect in higher resolutions and is something that most users can take advantage of, even if you’re just sharing clips on your phone to social media.

This is especially true with that jump to 240FPS in 2.7K, which is the resolution I find myself using the most for day to day shooting.

That being said though, the fact 4K now offers up to 120FPS means I’ll certainly be shooting more in 4K from now on.

Another feature of the Hero 10 which I’m going to be taking full advantage of is the fact these higher resolutions and frame rates are now also accessible whilst using the Max Lens Mod with horizon levelling (pending a firmware update in Nov) – which is pretty freaking epic!




Hypersmooth 4.0

With the jump to the new GP2 chip comes a huge bump in speed and performance in the GoPro Hero 10, and alongside it comes Hypersmooth 4.0

The latest generation of Hypersmooth technology builds on something that was already incredible – but is it a noticeable leap and worth the price tag of an upgrade?

Again – for me it’s a pro focused feature, for those that needs the best gear available. 

For the average user it’s not going to be as noticeable though.




GoPro Hydrophobic Lens Coating

As someone who mainly uses my GoPro in aquatic situations like surfing or scuba diving, you have no idea how frustrating water droplets and dirt can be!

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve thought I’ve nailed a shot, only to find out that a droplet totally ruined the shot.

And yes you can lick the lens before you shoot (seriously, it works really well!) or even add third party coatings to reduce the issue.

Thankfully, someone at GoPro saw a pretty annoying issue and got it fixed with the Hero 10 – which now comes with a hydrophobic lens coating, to massively reduce the likelyhood of these issues happening.

A small, but much appreciated upgrade on the Hero 10!




How About The Audio?

Look, I’ll be totally honest, I’ve got to the point where I’ve had to accept that audio on the GoPro is never going to be great.

Yes the Hero 10 is slightly better than its predecessors, but if you’re really keen for solid audio – strap on that Media Mod and an external microphone. Check out my GoPro Vlogging guide for some awesome external audio options.

I wasn’t expecting much in terms of audio quality from the Hero 10, and it didn’t exceed my expectations!

Everyone has done too much moaning about the GoPro audio and lack of inbuilt 3.5mm jack already – all you need to know, is that they’re still not fixed.




Do My GoPro Mounts Fit The Hero 10?

review gopro hero 10 is it worth the upgrade max lens mod accessories gp2 chip slow mo 5k-2By keeping the same body on the Hero 10 as the GoPro Hero 9, it does mean that luckily your GoPro Hero 10 will be compatible with 99% of your existing GoPro mounts and accessories. Check out my favourite GoPro accessories here.

For Hero 9 users, this also means the GoPro Supersuit (aka dive housing) also still fits, alongside other Hero 9 accessories like the Media Mod and even the Max Lens Mod – which is great news.

If you are upgrading from a GoPro Hero 8 or earlier, keep in mind that all the mounts that attach to the “fingers” at the base of the GoPro will still fit – but you’ll need fresh Media Mods and dive housings.

On the whole though, most mounts will fit, which is a relief!




GoPro Hero 10 Pricing

As with the GoPro Hero 9, if you want the best deal on the GoPro Hero 10, then head directly to GoPro.

They’ve mirrored the Hero 9 launch with some exclusive bundle deals and discounts alongside their subscription service, so you’ll save big on the camera and any accessories you need too – with the accessories bundle including 2 mounts, spare battery and a memory card.

  • GoPro Hero 10 camera only = US$549 / GBP£529 / AU$819
  • GoPro Hero 10 + Subscription Deal = US$399 / GBP£379 / AU$599
  • GoPro Hero 10 Accessories Bundle Deal  = US$449 / GBP£429 / AU$699

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Just for full disclosure, this launch price is slightly higher than the Hero 9 launch, which saw the Hero 9 + subscription bundle retail at US$349.99 / £329.99 / AU$559.95, which apparently is being put down to the higher cost of the GP2 chip alongside increasing manufacturing costs as a result of COVID.




Should You Upgrade To GoPro Hero 10?

So down to the nitty gritty here, should you upgrade to the GoPro Hero 10? Well it’s really going to come down to what GoPro you’re currently using and the features you want to take advantage of…

From Hero 5 and below – YES

From the Hero 5 and below it’s huge upgrade. Although if you don’t need the full array of 5.3K frame rates, or don’t quite have the budget for it, the reduced price of the Hero 9 makes that a tempting option.

From Hero 6 or 7 – YES

Like the 5, the jump from the Hero 6 or even the Hero 7 to the GoPro Hero 10 is a big one. Again though, are the extra frame rates at 5.3K worth the price jump over the Hero 9?

From Hero 8 – Maybe

If you have the money and are considering a jump from the GoPro Hero 8 then the extra speed and accessories like the Max Lens Mod will make the Hero 10 pretty appealing. If you skipped the Hero 9 upgrade due to the price tag, the new, reduced pricing on the Hero 9 makes that a solid choice too.

From Hero 9 – Maybe

Honestly, if the extra features at the 5.3K resolution or super slow mo in 4K and 2.7K aren’t something you’re going to take full advantage of, then stick with the Hero 9 and wait on next years Hero 11.

If you have the cash to splash, or are stoked on the bump in frame rates at 2.7K, 4K and 5.3K then the Hero 10 is certainly the best GoPro on the market, so go for the upgrade and go get your slow mo on!

And for professional videographer and film makers – well it’s a solid choice and an insane amount of quality and processing power in a tiny package.

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My Final Thoughts

On the face of it, the GoPro Hero 10 doesn’t really jump out as a huge upgrade for most users and I must admit when I first looked it over I wasn’t too sold.

review gopro hero 10 is it worth the upgrade max lens mod accessories gp2 chip slow mo 5kBut for someone who mainly uses the GoPro to shoot action sports the new resolutions and frame rates that the GP2 chip unlock soon have a huge impact.

Sure I’m still personally not taking full advantage of the 5.3K resolution it can shoot in – but super slow mo in 2.7K and 4K are certainly a welcome addition that I’ll be making full use of, as well as the extra frame rates and resolutions it unlocks for the Max Lens Mod too.

In terms of whether the GoPro Hero 10 is worth the upgrade – well that’s going to come down to your wallet and your creative needs.

But for me, yup the Hero 10 is worth the upgrade, and given that all the existing GoPro accessories and Mods I have are compatible, it’s that little easier on the wallet than the Hero 9 upgrade was!

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Are you going to be getting the GoPro Hero 10?

Which features are you most stoked for?




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