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10 Bali Infinity Pools Which Will Blow Your Mind!

Looking for the ultimate luxury in Bali? These 10 Bali Infinity pools will blow your mind – from epic ocran views to sprawling rice paddies…

Tropical jungle-surrounded, absolute beach-front or sensationally cliff-perched with Indian Ocean vistas – all of the Bali infinity pools here are designed to dazzle and all are dazzlingly different.

While locations vary all come with to-die-for views of the exceptional variety – taking your Bali holiday to the next level of luxury.

They are also all united in the fact that on first (and maybe tenth) sight you will be forced to do a double-take as you attempt to work out where sky begins and pool ends, as well as posing for more than a few photos for your Instagram!

So lets see the lap of luxury that awaits on your next trip to the Island of the Gods…


10 Bali Infinity Pools Which Will Blow Your Mind!


1. Hanging Gardens of Bali

Desa Buahan, Payangan, Ubud District

bali infinity pool hanging gardens of bali ubudBali has a whole heap of jaw-droppingly beautiful infinity pools (narrowing this list down to 10 was pretty tough going!) so you can be sure one which consistently tops the ‘best of’ lists is something of a stunner.

And according to many highly-respected experts in the travel industry world the Hanging Gardens’ pool is not just the best Bali infinity pool, but the number one on the whole planet!

Seen from aerial photographs this three-level beauty looks for all the world like a ship sailing off the dramatic cliff-edge into its lush jungle surroundings. From pool levels the sensation is one of dreamily floating above the rainforest canopy with the Aying River way below you. 

The elegantly-designed pool shouts luxury from its every curve and relaxing here immerses you in the ultimate serenity where the only sounds are the song of falling water and birds. If you can ever bear to tear yourself away from here, the 5-star Balinese-decor property also offers luxury spa treatments and massage from a romantically canopied, thatched balé right next to the river. 

Price per night: From US$766/£582

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


2. Bulgari Resort Bali 

Jalan Goa Lempeh, Banjar Dinas Kangin, Uluwatu

The wide dimensions of the luscious infinity pool at the Bulgari Resort Bali lets you make the most of that whole pool-seamlessly-meets-ocean and sky illusion. Another element which adds considerably to the entire Instagramability is the fact that the tropical, luxurious Bulgari sits perched on a cliff edge with the 1km beach way way below you – 150m below you in fact. 

To add adventure to your day take the open-sided ‘lift’ down to the sands accompanied by the calls of monkeys as you descend. Alternatively, if all that Indian Ocean gazing from the infinity pool has worn you out enjoy an outdoor massage in a nature-surrounded but secluded spot as the sounds of bird song and waves floats around you. 

Price per night: From US$761/£579

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


3. Alila Villas

Tambiyak, Desa Pecatu, Uluwatu

bali infinity pool Alila Villas uluwatuAnother cliff top gem, with sea level some 100 metres below you it will come as no surprise to learn views from the Alila Villas are of the sensational variety. Lounging in the spectacular 164ft infinity pool here it is truly all but impossible to work out where pool, Indian Ocean and sky all begin and end.

This becomes especially so at sunset when the rose and tangerine skies throw their reflections into the coconut palm-lined pool and you can’t be sure whether you are floating, flying or swimming. If you prefer you can take it all in from the poolside cabana with a sundowner drink in hand, which we highly recommend!

The stunning architecture and eco-friendly ethos of the exquisite Alila Villas has scooped them a trophy cabinet full of awards while the serenity and sparkling ocean vistas deliver enchantment in a bottomless supply.

Should the call of the ocean become impossible to ignore you can make your way down to the private beach via a cliff path.

Price per night: From US$875/£665

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


4. Soori Bali

Banjar Dukuh, Desa Kelating, Krambitan

While having the use of a spectacular tropical-located infinity pool is paradise enough for most of us at Soori each guest gets to have their very own so no sharing is required, you cant get much more indulgent than that!

The views that you gaze upon as you keep yourself cool in your private pool are somewhat up to you. Sandwiched between Indian Ocean and mountain and nestled amid scenic rice terraces your villa menu of choice here includes tropical garden-surrounded, ocean vista or mountain panoramas.

The amazing infinity pool collection here also includes a lovely main pool which is ideal if you want to swim rather than just gaze endlessly at the Indian Ocean aqua blues.

The palm-dotted whole of Soori is a fantastically modern work of art which offers direct beach access and an air of hideaway refuge cloaked in peace and tranquillity. At sun down order up a cocktail from your private butler and choose your spot – your own private pavilion perhaps – and watch the colour-streaked sky reflect its pinks and purples onto the ocean.

It’s little wonder Soori claims spots in such lists as the Financial Times ‘Best Beach Hotels in the World’.

Price per night: From US$676/£514

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


5. Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa

Gobleg, Mundak

bali infinity pool Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & SpaAs you sip your sunset drink on the terrace at the far end of this eco-resort’s 18m infinity pool it is only possible to work out the merging point of pool and sky if there is sufficient breeze to ripple the water.

Otherwise, swim up to the edge and pose for that perfect picture which will have your friends wondering when you learned to float in the clouds.

From here you’ll be able to take in your stunning surroundings of first jungle, coffee plantations and rice fields before your gaze swoops onwards to the mountain backdrop.

Luxury suites and villas are where you will lay your head each night at this paradise in the sky and should you want to get active the resort has its own tennis courts along with a spa and restaurant.

Price per night: From US$197/£150

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


6. Padma Resort

Banjar Carik, Desa Puhu Payangan, Ubud

The deluxe Padma Resort climbs in levels up the edge of a deep river valley with tropical greenery, bamboo jungle and rice terraces hemming it in from every side.

This sensational mountain oasis leads you from the upper levels by way of a glass-topped tunnel to the gorgeous infinity pool at its base. So expansive is this luscious lagoon it even has its own little islet along with views guaranteed to leave you speechless. 

During the day the pool offers a cooling relief from the tropical sun however, when the sun starts to sink and the mountain temperatures dip down, the pool is heated. That means kick-back time drinks at the Sunken Pool Bar or deck can still be interspersed with moments in the enchanting pool, shiver-free. 

Above the pool and gardens you will find the resort’s restaurant and lounge where you can indulge in a little alfresco dining while taking in wide and far-reaching views of the entire resort’s lower levels and their lush surroundings. 

Price per night: From US$224/£179

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


7. Ungasan Clifftop Resort

Ungusan, Uluwatu

bali infinity pool Ungasan Clifftop ResortDreamy, idyllic, magical, divine – the list of superlatives and adjectives you could use to describe this Uluwatu resort in the sky and its heavenly infinity pool are virtually endless.

Get ready to sigh a lot during your time at this super-luxe cliff-edge sanctuary which soars 150m into the air because every time you cast your eyes around your surroundings of sky and Indian Ocean the sublime beauty will hit you afresh. 

This Bali infinity pool offers 28 metres of loveliness, seamlessly blended with the ocean horizon but if you get tired of sharing just retreat to your own villa where almost all of the suites come with their very own ocean-view pool.

Way below you can be found Sundays Beach Club and a private beach front while also on offer are fitness facilities, tennis courts, massage and spa. 

Price per night: From US$861/£655

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


8. Banyan Tree

Ungasan, Uluwatu

Sitting right at Bali’s southernmost Bukit Peninsula tip, at 70m above the ocean, the beautiful Banyan Tree covers 25 acres in total. Luxury is the watchword here, where villas feature sunken baths in marble floors, the chance to shower under the stars, private infinity pools and a thousand-and-one Balinese touches so you can never for one moment forget you have arrived in the tropically exotic. 

The main 10m infinity pool is glorious and elegant, incorporating that magical element which makes you feel as if you are hanging out over the edge of the world when you swim to its end. Sunrises and sunsets here in this Indian Ocean spot are indescribably lovely; this is when the blues of pool, ocean and sky turn pastel-hued or blaze with fire, all laid out right before your eyes. 

While the pool is perhaps the resort’s most glittering jewel it has other gems too such as a luxurious spa, no less than four award-winning restaurants with sensational views, cultural dance performances and a private beach and beach club located at the foot of the cliff.

Price per night: From US$564/£429

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


9. The Mulia Resorts & Villas

Kawasan Sawangan, Nusa Dua

bali infinity pool Mulia Resorts & VillasAt the Mulia Resort’s dazzling Oasis infinity pool you are going to feel as if you have somehow landed straight onto a Game of Thrones set or perhaps been transported to a garden of the Greek gods.

Lined on both sides by a series of beautiful statues, the Mulia’s pool seems to stretch on and on while the 5m tall ladies stand in an unbroken line to accompany your swim towards the Indian Ocean. So, while infinity pools in general make for jealousy-inducing photos, this particular stunner raises the stakes by several notches.

Although the Oasis pool is the jewel in the crown it is not this massive southern Bali resort’s only infinity pool offering – there are three more, all magnificent and all reserved for the use of villa and resort guests. The Mulia sits right on the beach so should you want to swap pool paradise for beach heaven it is just a few steps away. 

Price per night: From US$364/£276

Click here to check availability and book your stay!


10. Viceroy


Tucked away in a highland valley so beautiful it was beloved by Balinese kings in days gone by, the Viceroy surrounds you with thick jungle, a river far below and your own chance to live like royalty. Its almost unbelievably lovely infinity pool creates such a sensation of balancing on the edge it is almost vertigo-inducing; this, without any shadow of a doubt is what dreams are made of. 

Small fountain features provide the soothing sounds of cascading water while the swim-up bar provides on-hand refreshment with minimal effort required. Luxurious cushion-strewn bales poised over the pool mean you don’t have to take your eyes off that view for one single second if you don’t want to. 

While the Viceroy is a hideaway retreat in its entirety most of the villas also have private infinity pools and romantic bales should you feel the need for complete seclusion. 

Price per night: From US$594/£452. With private pool – from US$679/£516.

Click here to check availability and book your stay!



Have you kicked back in a Bali infinity pool?

Which one would you recommend?

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