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Bali and Indonesia

Bali and Indonesia

Bali and Indonesia

What can I expect from Travelling Bali and Indonesia?

Bali and Indonesia are hotspots for travellers – with its tropical climate, range of activities and cheap prices, as well as easy flight connections from all over South East Asia and Australia.

Bali especially is growing quickly in popularity (especially with the Aussies) with world class surf, cheap flights and range of accommodation options, beach clubs and places to eat.

Nearby islands such as Gili T are famed for their amazing scuba diving and laid back beach vibes with spots like Lombok and Nusa Lembongan becoming more and more part of the travelling trail.

For those who want to avoid Bali and explore further afield in Indonesia Komodo National Park and the famous dragons is something you have to tick off the bucket list – there’s incredible scuba diving there too. And if you really want to experience something different spots like Java, Toraja and Sulawesi are well off the beaten track and will provide a totally different perspective on this beautiful and varied country.

Top Things to See and Do in Bali and Indonesia

Learn to surf
Watch the sunset on Gili Trawangan
Scuba dive with manta rays, sharks and turtles
Meet the famous Komodo Dragons
Party the night away at Old Mans in Canggu
Drink cocktails at one of the beach clubs
Survive the Monkey Forest in Ubud
Wander around the rice terraces
Eat your body weight in Nasi Goreng

Cost of travelling Bali and Indonesia

Accommodation – As with everywhere in South East Asia there is a huge range of accommodation to choose from for all styles and budgets. From cheap local hostels at just a few dollars a night through to plush, luxurious villas with infinity pools and price tags to match. So whether you want to do it on the cheap or treat yourself there are plenty of options.

Food – you can eat super cheap all across Bali and Indonesia by sticking to the local warungs where a solid feed will only set you back a couple of dollars. There are plenty of international restaurants too but expect to spend anything from 5 – 15+ for a meal there.

Transportation – it’s easy enough to bounce around Bali and Indonesia pretty cheaply, with ferries connecting islands, cheap internal flights and local drivers. Get the Grab App for all your ground transport and you’ll save heaps

Suggested daily budget – From £10+ per day. This is based on a budget traveller, you can easily live on the cheap in Bali and Indonesia, but you can easily spend heaps more too. Mid range travellers can expect to live comfortably on around £30 per day for meals and accommodation.

Money Saving Tips In Bali and Indonesia

Eat in the local Warungs Bali and Indonesia is filled with incredible local warungs, the name for local restaurants. Eating here will save you heaps and you can grab a solid feed for just a. few dollars a meal
Use the Grab App Download the app Grab for all your transportation. The Asia equivalent of Uber you can order mopeds, taxis and larger transport for a fraction of the price the local touts will charge you.
Haggle Haggle Haggle! Whether you're booking a tour or trying to buy some trinkets make sure you haggle, Many places will come in waaaaaaaay overpriced so stick to your guns and dont be afraid to shop around.
Ask about weekly rates If you're spending a week or more in a place enquire about weekly rates as many guesthouses and even hotels will offer you a solid discount if you pay for a week upfront.

My Must Have Guides For Traveling

Everything you neeed to know about traveling.

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Surfing in Bali and Indonesia

My main draw to Bali and Indonesia has always been the surf and surfers from all over the globe head to the area to score world class waves surfing the peak swell season of May > Sept. From well known spots like Uluwatu and Padang Padang which host a variety of surf competitions to break further afield on Lembongan (Playgrounds, Shipwrecks and Lacerations) and Lombok (like Desert Point) you’re spoilt for choice.

For those who want to go all out and embark on an epic surf adventure spots like Nias or G-Land will think out the crowds.

And then of course there’s the Mentawai Islands – a Mecca for those really wanting to chase the surfer dream. a 4 hour ferry ride off of Western Sumatra these island have some of the best surf spots in the world – from reeling point breaks to barreling reefs.


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