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10 Lombok Surf Spots To Paddle Out At (Something For For All Levels!)

Planning a Lombok surf trip? Well here are 10 epic Lombok surf spots to hit up on your next adventure – with something for all levels!

Planning a Lombok surf trip? I don’t blame you!

When it comes to surf spots in Indonesia, Lombok is a hidden gem, often overshadowed by its famous neighbour, Bali

However, for surfers chasing an authentic surf experience, this enchanting island boasts a treasure trove of surf spots waiting to be explored.

From legendary breaks that will challenge even the most seasoned surfers to gentle waves ideal for beginners, Lombok offers a diverse array of surf spots that cater to every level of experience.

And if you’re planning a Lombok surf trip soon, here are 10 Lombok surf spots to add to your bucket list…

10 Lombok Surf Spots To Paddle Out At

1. Desert Point: The Holy Grail of Lombok Surf

Desert Point, locally known as Bangko-Bangko, is a mythical left-hand point break that beckons surfers from around the world.

Revered for its long, fast barrels that seem to stretch for eternity, Desert Point is an unrivalled gem on Lombok’s southwestern tip. The wave’s power and sharp reef bottom demand respect and skill, making it a haven for experienced surfers seeking the ultimate barrel experience.

Timing is crucial to catch Desert Point in its full glory, and the best time to visit is from May to October when consistent swells from the Indian Ocean coincide with favorable winds.



2. Selong Belanak: Surfing for Everyone

Selong Belanak, situated on Lombok’s southern coast, is an epic spot for surfers of all levels.

This idyllic beach break features gentle, forgiving waves that cater perfectly to beginners looking to learn to surf in Indonesia. The sandy bottom adds an extra layer of safety, allowing learners to progress comfortably.

Intermediates and experienced surfers can also enjoy the playful waves that peel perfectly, offering plenty of opportunities for long, satisfying rides, and is the perfect training ground to progress and nail those turns.


3. Ekas: A Dual Paradise of Lombok Surf

Venture eastward to discover the lesser-known peaks at Ekas.

Part of a stunning double bay, Inside Ekas and Outside Ekas, this Lombok surf spot is two for one!

Inside Ekas delivers mellow waves, perfect for learners and cruisers to refine their skills. Whilst, Outside Ekas is best left to the more experienced. with powerful, hollow barrels that will keep the froth levels high.. The isolation of Ekas adds to its allure, and it’s certainly one of the less crowded spots in Lombok.


4. Mawi: A Hidden Jewel

Tucked away on Lombok’s southern coast, Mawi Beach is another more off the beaten track option.

Framed by majestic cliffs and lush hills, Mawi Beach boasts a consistent right-hand reef break that serves up super fun rides and it’s well worth the effort for those who make the effort to paddle out here.


5. Gerupuk: A Surfer’s Playground

Gerupuk, a charming fishing village turned surfers’ mecca, offers an enticing selection of five different breaks, making one of the most popular and well known surf spots on Lombok.

From beginner-friendly waves at Bumbang Bay to challenging barrels at Inside and Outside Gerupuk, this spot caters to surfers of all levels. 

Due to the popularity and easy level reef break here Gerupuk is certainly one of the more crowded Lombok surf spots, but if you can avoid the surf camp time slots you can still score some great sessions here.


6. Seger Beach: Off The Beaten Track

Nestled in a secluded cove, Seger Beach still remains a quiet, fun spot. With consistent waves and the gentle swells of the Indian Ocean, Seger Beach is an excellent spot for both beginners and intermediate surfers to hone their skills.

The sandy bottom and picturesque surroundings add to the allure of this lesser-known surf spot.


7. Are Guling: A Surfer’s Retreat

For those looking to avoid the crowds, Are Guling offers a peaceful haven to connect with the ocean and the stunning beauty of Lombok itself.

Accessible by boat or a trek across the hills, this reeling left-hand reef break offers up some epic rides for more advanced surfers.


8. Tanjung Aan: A Laid-Back Surf Experience

Tanjung Aan is another super fun beach break that is ideal for beginners and those looks for a fun mellow wave. Stroke in and enjoy some long, leisurely rides.

Tanjung Aan’s beauty lies not only in its waves but also in the stunning panoramas that surround the area, so make sure you bring your camera along too!


9. Senggigi Beach: Surfing with a Tropical Vibe

Senggigi Beach, located on the west coast of Lombok, is a lively spot offering heaps of tropical surf trip vibes.

The beach break here is more suitable for intermediate surfers, who can enjoy the rolling waves and the warm waters of the Lombok Strait.

After a long day of surfing, unwind at one of the many beachside cafes, serving up some tasty Indo cuisine and of course some cold Bintangs to enjoy the sunset with!


10. Grupuk Point: Busy, But Still Heaps Fun

Grupuk Point, is a right-hand reef break near Gerupuk Village.

Powerful and challenging, it’s best left to experienced surfers only, but those who have the skill level to take on this punchy right hander will be in their element.


Whens The Best Time To Surf Lombok?

Peak Lombok surf season is from April to October, which like the rest of Indonesia is also dry season – so expect pumping waves and heaps of sunshine!

If you’re looking to score Desert Point perfection then this is certainly the best time as well, with solid, consistent swell throughout this part of the year.

Off season is still surfable, with plenty of smaller, fun spots to surf, but be aware this is certainly a rainier part of the year too – but the bonus is a distinct thinning of the crowds, so it’s ideal for those who want less size and less people in the water too!


Are you planning a Lombok surf trip?

Which spot will you be heading to?

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