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best bali surf camp guide canggu kuta learn to surf indonesia

Bali Surf Camp Guide – 9 Of The Best Options For All Budgets

Looking for an epic Bali surf camp for your trip to the Island of the Gods? Here are 8 epic options – for all levels and budgets.

When it comes to choosing a Bali surf camp you’re pretty spoilt for choice – the Islands of the Gods has plenty of options to choose from, no matter your surf experience and budget.

A with so many waves on offer in Bali whether you’re looking to learn to surf, or simply want to meet some new surf buddies and have some guiding to the best waves each day you’ll be well looked after!

So to help you pick out the best option for you, here are 9 of the best Bali surf camps on offer…

And of course if you’re looking for even more info on surfing in Bali check out my full Bali Surf Guide here.

Bali Surf Camp Guide – 8 Of The Best Options For All Budgets

1. Dreamsea Uluwatu

Location: Uluwatu

Closest Surf Spots: Padang Padang

Price Per Night: €25-85

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: No

Coming out strong with Dreamsea Uluwatu. This totally beach-front camp offers a Bali experience unlike the others. Aside from the obvious draw of rooms hanging right over the ocean, Dreamsea offers an array of cool activities and accommodations, making it a solid choice for a surfer looking for a bit more than a bed and a shower.

Their Bali surf camp package includes access to a semi-private beach, and the camp itself sits right in the heart of some of the most beloved breaks on the planet.

There’s a private chef offering vegan and vegetarian options, as well as yoga classes for the more spiritually minded traveler. Additionally, Dreamsea offers day trips to the temples, markets, and festivals that dot the island, and it’s in the perfect location for exploring the Bukit Peninsula.

This is an awesome camp for catching clean consistent waves, getting in touch with your spiritual side, and drifting off to the sound of the ocean. I couldn’t recommend it more. 

Click here for more info and to book




2. Pro Surf School

Location: Canggu

Closest Surf Spots: Kuta Reef, Airport, Balangan

Price Per Night: €20

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: Yes

A great Bali surf camp for beginners, Pro Surf School in Canggu is definitely one of the more surf-centered names on the list, and I’m totally here for that.

The quality and quantity of surf camps in Bali is constantly growing, so it’s hard to say exactly who offers the best option for travelling surfers. But when Pro Surf says they’re the top school in town, I’ll at least lend them an ear.

Lonely Planet named them best Bali surf camp on three occasions, and they claim that 90% of their first-time surfers are catching waves within an hour. If I was just starting my surfing journey, I’d have to do it with Pro Surf. And it’s not just great for beginners; their surf guides will take you wherever you want.

So surf where choose, from mellow beach breaks to powerful reefs—then chill out at their Social Hub. There’s Wine-Wednesday every week and a BBQ every Sunday. If you’re interested in non-surfing activities, they do excursions all over the island. Wait on the tides at their beach pool and bar, and sleep in a cool and air-conditioned room. WiFi is also available. 




3. Padang Padang Surf Camp

Location: Pecatu Uluwatu

Closest Surf Spots: Padang Padang, Bingin, Dreamland, and Impossibles

Price Per Night: €81

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: Yes

Moving on from the more beginner-level and social-oriented options, we’re diving into one of the best and longest standing camps on the island. Since 2005, Padang Padang has put surfers in some pretty amazing line-ups; but that’s not all they have to offer.

The Hindu culture of Bali is important to Padang Padang, and they do a great job of making sure you get a taste of it. Incorporating Balinese ritual into their love for the sport of surfing, Padang Padang offers an opportunity for the serious surfer wanting to immerse themself in the island and get in the water as much as possible.

They offer yoga, organic foods, and a peaceful spiritual atmosphere. While it may seem like a pricier option, the cost of a private room includes transportation and airport transfers, surf guides, two meals a day, tennis, swimming, a gym, yoga, and reliable WiFi. I’d say it’s good deal.




4. Rapture Surf Camp

Location: Green Bowl

Closest Surf Spots: Green Bowl Beach

Price Per Night: €33

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: Yes

Next, we have Rapture Surf Camp. There’s a lot to love about this place. They’ve got surf lessons for beginners and guides for the more experienced.

There’s yoga every day, and massages by appointment. They offer a surf theory class, beach transfer, and video analysis. Plus, there’s breakfast and dinner daily, and free pick-up from the airport.

If you feel like exploring, Rapture will take you on a tour of the island, and for the truly adventurous traveler, there’s motorbike rentals as well. Uluwah temple’s just 30 minutes away. There’s also WiFi for getting your work done.

Click here for more info and to book




5. Kima Surf

Location: Canggu

Closest Surf Spots: Echo Beach, Perenenan

Price Per Night: €24

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: Yes

Dating back to the early days of surfaris in Bali, Ari’s team at Kima Surf has been dishing out some seriously killer experiences since 1995.

Their history on the island speaks to the knowledge and know-how you’d expect from a place like Kima. Only 300 meters from the beach, Kima Surf camp offers surf guides two times a day every day of the week, and boat shuttles to the outer reef breaks for more advanced surfers.

Additionally, there’s free vans and bicycles for exploring Bali on your own. Feel like venturing inland? Kima does Ubud tours, volcano treks, and dirt bike tours of Enduro.

On the water there’s scuba and free diving. If you’re a culinary enthusiast, Kima has Balinese cooking classes, and free breakfast every morning. They also do airport transfers, surf theory classes, video analysis, yoga, and barbeques. WiFi is also available. 




6. Wave House

Location: Canggu

Closest Surf Spots: Old Man’s, Batu Bolong, Echo Beach

Price Per Night: €51

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: Yes

As their website says, “it’s all about great surf, adventures and good times,” and I couldn’t agree more. Wave House has everything you need to make your stay in Bali a good one. There’s surf lessons for beginner and intermediate surfers, theory classes and video analysis, and guides for the more experienced.

Airport transfers are included, and so is access to their two swimming pools, gym, sauna, yoga classes and daily breakfast.




7. The Chill House

Location: Canggu

Closest Surf Spots: Echo Beach, Batu Bolong

Price Per Night: €47

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: No

Circling back around to a more beginner-tailored surf camp, The Chill House in Canggu is a great option for those looking for an introduction to surfing in slower paced, low-intensity environment.

It’s a small camp, and thus offers a bit more privacy than the other options. Included in the price of a room is a daily detox breakfast, and one free yoga class during your stay. In my opinion, the biggest draw of this camp is the opportunity to stay in “the commune,” a private house on the premises offering a little extra alone time.

If you’re coming to Bali with your family, or just want to stay in a place with three bedrooms, a private kitchen, and private pool, The Chill House in Canggu is a perfect choice.




8. Mojo Surf

Location: Canggu

Closest Surf Spots: Echo Beach, Canggu

Price Per Night: €17

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: Yes

Bring the culture of Byron Bay to beaches of Indonesia. That’s what the team at Mojo Surf set out to do when they set off to create their Bali surf camp in Canggu. The result was a clash of cultures—in the most positive sense of the phrase.

As one of the newest facilities on the island, the hostel at Mojo Surf offers an airconditioned escape from the sensual overload that is Bali. Enjoy an exciting trip to Ubud Temple or the Monkey Forest with their tour guides, or spend all day on the water.

They’re just a five-minute walk from Echo Beach, so the location is hard to beat. Additionally, the hostel at Mojo Surf offers high-speed WiFi, Western and Balinese meals, and happy hour nightly. This is a great place for the serious surfer.

Click here for more info and to book




9. Brown Sugar Surf Camp

Location: Medewi

Closest Surf Spots: Medewi Point

Price Per Night: from $57

Learn to Surf: Yes

Surf Guiding: No

Situated at one of my personal favourite surf spots in Bali – Medewi – Brown Sugar surf camp offer options for both beginner surfers and intermediates looking to push their skills further.

You’ll be surfing at one of the longest left hand point breaks in the world, which is ideal for pushing your turns and green waves surfing after learning the basics at one of the local beach breaks.

The camp itself offers both fan and A/C options and is built in a traditional Balinese style – all overlooking the refreshing swimming pool!

As well as surf lesson Brown Sugar also offer a variety of day trips and moped hire if you want to explore the local area yourself.

Have you spent some time at a Bali surf camp?

Any other recommendations?




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