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The Ultimate Travel Camera Gear For 2019

Planning a trip and looking for the ultimate travel camera gear to capture all the adventure? From drones to action cameras – here’s what’s in my kit bag!

Planning an epic adventure and looking for the best travel camera gear to help capture all the sun, fun and good times?

Compact, powerful and able to capture all the incredible adventures I go on I’ve put together here’s what’s in my camera bag for shooting all my travel around the world.

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The Ultimate Travel Camera Gear (2019 Edition)

GoPro Hero 7 Black

If you’re looking for an action camera to take on the road then the GoPro Hero 7 Black comes highly recommended!

I’ve used GoPros since they first launched the 35mm film, wrist mounted version (geez that was ages ago!) and the Hero 7 Black is pretty freaking epic!

I’ve tested it skydiving, Bungy jumping, scuba diving…it’s my go to camera for anything in water or a bit more extreme.

Boasting 4k @ 60fps or even a nuts 240fps @ 1080 for super slow mo, this tiny gadget packs a big punch.

Combine that with the new Hypersmooth mode which stabilises footage in camera and you can produce some epic quality video on the go and in all kinda of situations.

Photo wise modes like timelapse and HDR allow you to create some epic stills to, although admittedly I do tend to use it for videos more than anything else.

And of course there’s a whole heap of accessories you can combine with it to make it even more useful. For me though the floaty mount, the shorty (a combine mini selfies stick and tripod) and Supersuit dive housing are my go to options.

Check out my full video review below for more info on why I love the Hero 7 Black or click here for my full GoPro Hero 7 Black review.



Mavic Air Drone

When it comes to the best drone for travel the Mavic Air still reigns supreme in my opinion. This epic little piece of kit has served me well ever since I got it when it first launched and I’ve captured aerial footage in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mozambique and beyond with it.

I did have the Mavic Air Pro, but after testing our the Air I promptly sold the Pro in favour of it!

Spec wise yes you do make some trade offs (especially against the new Mavic Air Pro 2), but if you’re focusing on travel then the slimmed down size of the Mavic Air more than makes up for a slightly smaller battery life and tech specs.

For the best value I highly recommend grabbing the Fly More Combo, which comes with some extra batteries (I have 3 and that covers me pretty well), some accessories and also a handy little shoulder bag.

Check out my full review of the DJI Mavic Air here!


Osmo Pocket

For filming travel this is now my go to gadget. Not only is this thing INSANELY small (it weighs under 120g and easily fits in your pocket) but the 4k, 3 axis gimble means you’ll be capturing silky smooth, high quality footage.

Small and discreet are the name of the game here – making it perfect for shooting in places you dont want to draw attention to yourself (such as a bustling market in Bangkok) or you simply want a camera you can carry wherever you go. The Osmo Pocket rarely leaves my pocket now – whether Im shooting or not – as you never know when something worth capturing will happen!

For everyday users the auto mode is more than adequate and couple that with the inbuilt editing templates in the free DJI Mimo app and you’ll be creating some awesome videos in no time.

For more serious videographers 4k @ 60fps, 120fps @ 1080 and full access to manual controls such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance and even D-Log for colour grading make this a powerful piece of kit, either as a backup camera or your main option.



Sony A6300 or 6500 or 6400!

I’ll admit that I’ve only just got into the mirrorless camera side of things and for a very specific reason – surfing!

I’ve got to the point where I’m filming and shooting enough surfing that the drone doesn’t quite cut it on it’s own (or is not the right tool for the job and I want a different angle!) so I decided a solid zoom lens was needed.

After much research I opted for the Sony A6300 – and although its a few years old now it still shoots 4K, came highly recommended by a whole bunch of blogger buddies and most importantly didn’t break the bank. I managed to get mine in a £200 Sony chasback deal, which made the camera + kit lens just over £600.

Combine with a 55-210mm lens (which again was surprisingly affordable at £189) I’ve got the setup needed to shoot surfing from a different angle!

Now even if you’re not looking for a surf specific setup the A6300 is still an incredible piece of kit and has been a staple of travellers and vloggers for a while now – with solid specs and incredible low light performance.

If you’ve got a bit more cash to splash the Sony A6500 is the newer version, with some bumped specs and in camera stabilisation, or for those going the vlogger route the new Sony A6400 has a flip up screen which make it ideal for selfies and video blogs.

The bundle kit lenses are solid quality and Sony has a huge range of lenses to choose from as well – so like myself you can pick up something that suits your niche.


iPhone X


Look I’ll be totally honest – a huge amount of shots you see on my site and social media are taken on my trusty iPhone X!

They say the best camera is the one you have with you and the iPhone X is always in my pocket and produces solid results. So if you’re not in a position to drop some solid dollar on a travel camera the iPhone is more than capable of producing some great shots and even shoots 4K video too.

Not only that but my iPhone also combines with all of the above travel camera gear too – making it indispensable. For the Mavic Air and the Osmo Pocket it acts as the viewfinder and access to manual controls, for the GoPro it’s a way of quickly downloading footage for social media or reviewing shots and the same for the Sony 6300.


Sandisk SSD Hard Drive

Now if you’re busy capturing all your travel fun on the above array of camera gear you’ll also need somewhere to back everything up and store all your footage.

sandisk ssd travel hard driveNow SSD hard drives (solid state drives) aren’t the cheapest option – but when it comes to travel they’re definitely worth the extra cash, for 3 reasons;

  1. They’re super fast! Basically they write at the same speed as your laptop memory does, so you can transfer gigabytes of footage super quickly – ideal for those on the go or when you forget to wipe your SD card just before you head out for the day!
  2. They’re reliable. Unlike standard hard drives SSD hard drives dont have nay moving parts – which means they’re far less likely to get damaged or corrupt or fail after a few knocks or worse still a fall. So you can pop it in your backpack knowing your travel memories are heaps safer.
  3. They’re RIDICULOUSLY compact! Honestly this is the biggest draw for anyone travelling. Standard hard drives are big, heavy and take up a lot of valuable space. The Samsung SSD is super thin and fits in the palm of your hand – even the 1TB and 2 TB models! That means you can pack in heaps more storage without smashing your carry on luggage limits!


What They Can Do

Keen to see what this travel camera gear can put together? Check out my recent edit from my trip surfing in South Africa – which was shot entirely on the above cameras. Not bad if I do say so myself! And if you want to know what else I carry on the road check out my travel gear here.



What travel camera gear do you take on the road?

Anything you’d recommend?


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