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The Art Of Surfing – Professional Surf Coaching From Your Sofa?!

Do you want professional surf coaching you can access from anywhere in the world? Here’s my full review of The Art Of Surfing online academy…

Want to get some professional surf coaching to help improve your surfing?

Well how about learning new skills, tweaking your current technique and working on some land based training from the comfort of your own home?

…then The Art Of Surfing online surf academy is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The Art Of Surfing – Professional Surf Coaching From Your Sofa?!

What Is The Art Of Surfing?

First things first – what is The Art of Surfing and who’s behind it?

online surf coaching the art of surfing
Matt Walks The Walk AND Talks The Talk!

The Art of Surfing (or TAOS for short) is an online surf academy created by Matt Scorringe – a Kiwi who has dedicated his life to all things waves related.

As well as being a former Billabong freesurfer and ex WQS surfer, Matty was caddy and filmer for Josh Kerr on the World Tour, NZ Junior team head coach and is currently the New Zealand Olympic Head Coach.

So it’s safe to know from a surfers perspective, he both talks the talk and walks the walk…or the paddle in as the case may be.

Over the years he has run numerous training camps for all levels of surfer (focused primarily on New Zealand and Bali) and has now launched The Art Of Surfing Online Academy, allowing surfers from all over the globe to take advantage of his experience and coaching techniques.


Who Is It Aimed At?

The Art of Surfing is aimed at anyone that is looking for surf coaching to help improve their skills in the way and ultimately, surf better!

Currently the online modules are more aimed at beginner surfers and intermediate surfers, but as the academy progresses Matty also has heaps of more advanced modules coming up too – including cutbacks and beyond.

Even if you’re a more experienced surfer, going back through the basics and tweaking your technique as well as ironing out any bad habits is well worth doing!


What Do You Get?

So whats included in the TAOS online surf coaching? 

Video Tutorials

online surf coaching the art of surfingThis is the core of the TAOS online academy – a series of video tutorials which breakdown technique and pass on Mattys top tips – including video examples which make everything super easy to follow.

Each video tutorial is few minutes long, so they’re easily digestible – although I found myself pausing and rewinding quite a bit to really drill everything home and take a more in depth look at everything he was explaining.

What’s really handy is there is a video option for both goofy and regular footers, which was a really useful touch.

Land Based Demonstration Videos

the art of surfing online surf coaching academySitting alongside each Video Tutorial is a land based demonstration video.

These give a more in depth breakdown of the technique and a series of land based training you can implement to help build muscle memory and improve your skills before hitting the water.

There are a couple of awesome surf skate training videos in there as well, which will really help your body positioning and speed generation too.

Pro Surfer Examples

To further support the tutorials and land training there’s also a pro surfer example for each video – which includes the likes of Slater, Machado and Wilson to really show you the perfect technique in a real life scenario, and how each element comes together to build your surfing skillset.

TAOS Private Facebook Group

All of The Art Of Surfing access levels allow you to join the TAOS private Facebook group – which is quickly building up into an online community where surfers from all over the world are sharing tips, asking questions and with Matt on hand to help answer, no question is off the table!

Monthly Webinar

Alongside the interaction on the Facebook group are the monthly webinars Matty hosts. Here he introduces the latest tutorials, covers some FAQs from the Facebook group and comments,  this is also where you’ll see TAOS naturally evolving as part of the user input too.


What’s Covered?

So what skill are covered in The Art of Surfing and what can you get instant access to at the moment?

Currently the following modules are live on the online surf coaching portal;

  • Peak Positioning
  • Wave Selection
  • Pop Up
  • Functional Stance
  • Angling Your Take Offs
  • Generating Speed Off The Mark
  • Perfecting Your Turns
  • Dealing With Crowded Lineups

…and new tutorials are being added each month, so you can build on your skill set as you progress through everything.

Here’s a teaser of the Perfecting Your Turns video tutorial;



Has It Improved My Surfing?

In short, yes the surf coaching on TAOS has definitely helped my surfing. 

Most notably is the fact I’m much more aware of my technique in the water as a result.

the art of surfing online surf coaching academyThe land based training also gives me something to focus on on flat days and will certainly accelerate your progress when you get back in the water.

This is especially true of the surf skate training which gets that muscle memory built up, and I’ve really found the repetition of those drills crosses over to my in water sessions.

Some of the improvements have been subtle – such as being more aware of my positioning in  the lineup – and some have been more conscious decisions, like the rotation in my head and opening up of my hands during turns.

All these small tweaks quickly mount up and really help refine your skills and I think, more importantly, put you in the correct headspace to improve too.

Sure on some surfs I’m still paddling out just to have heaps of fun (that’s what surfing is all about right?) but on other sessions I’m hitting the beach with a clear goal in mind, which really filters through all aspects of my time in the water.


What’s The Cost?

So what will all this epic online surf coaching set you back? Well there are 3 different price plans depending on what you want access too and of course how dedicated you are!

All of the options include;

  • Membership To TAOS Academy
  • Pro Surfer Example Videos
  • Land Based Demonstration Videos
  • Exclusive Access To NEW Tutorials Added Every Month
  • 24/7 Access To Our Tutorial Library
  • Access To Our Private Coaching Facebook Group
  • Access To Members Only Monthly Webinars

Annual Membership = US$99 per year

  • 1 Year Membership To TAOS Academy
  • Save over 50% 
  • Access To Members Only Monthly Webinars

Monthly Access = US$17 per month

  • Convenient monthly billing
  • Surf-Changing Core Principle Tutorials
  • Access To Members Only Monthly Webinars

VIP Membership = US$1299 per year

  • Monthly Personalised Video Review (valued at $250)
  • Free Assessment (value $197)
  • 10% Discount On All TAOS Surf Camps

…and all 3 options have a 30 day, surf better, money back guarantee 

Click here to sign up!


Would I Recommend It?

After digging around the TAOS online academy for the last few weeks and watching all the videos, I’m stoked with the amount of awesome information that’s packed in there and it’s certainly going to be a great tool for any surfer looking to refine their skills, and take their performance to the next level.

Whether that’s tweaking the basics such as foot placement and pop technique through to positioning for turns.

And with fresh content dropping every month it becomes even better value for money.

Upcoming tutorials include:

  • How to unlock your backhand surfing
  • How to create release in your turns
  • How to turn and cork to catch waves

the art of surfing online surf coaching academyMatty has done an epic job of simplifying a lot of complex instructions, pulling in real world examples and breaking everything down into bite size chunks that average, everyday surfers, can digest and implement into their surf sessions.

I’m looking forward to even more upcoming tutorials and really getting my 12 o’clock turns nailed.

I’m hoping a few more surf skate drills will be added into the mix too!

Ultimately you’ll get out of it what you put in. If you simply flick through a couple of clips and don’t think about things before going for a surf, sure you’ll struggle to notice a difference.

But if you’re taking things seriously, refresh all levels of your skills from pop up to speed generations, and keep them at the forefront of your mind when you’re actually in the water, then TAOS is really going to help you out heaps.

And a year of access all for less than the price of a single in person surf coaching session!

Plus there’s a 100% money back guarantee – so you really have nothing to loose!

So get stuck in, sign up and let me know how it goes!

Click here for more info and to get started!


What skills are you looking to improve with some surf coaching?


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