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The Best Sri Lanka Surf Spots – South West Coast (Oct to May)

Looking for the best Sri Lanka surf spots the West Coast has to offer? Here’s where to find punchy reefs and reeling points to friendly beginner surf spots!

With such a wave filled coastline, finding the best Sri Lanka surf spots can be a bit tricky – there are so many options to choose from!

Whether you’re learning to surf and want fun, friendly beach breaks or advanced and on the hunt for punchy reefs that can offer up some cheeky barrels Sri Lanka has it all.

So here’s a rundown of some of the best Sri Lanka surf spots on the West Coast of the country courtesy of my buddy Max from Ticket To Ride who’s been living the dream surfing there for the last few years. Of course there are plenty of other epic spots to discover along the vast coastline too, so get out there and explore!


The Best Sri Lanka Surf Spots –  South West Coast

Sri Lanka Surf Season

Sri Lanka has two distinct surf seasons on either side of the country, both coinciding with the dry season for that section so you can score pumping waves in the sunshine!

For the South Coast the surf season (also dry season) runs from late Oct to May – with the East Coast surf season (and their dry season too!) running May to September.

That being said though shoulder season from early October and at the end through to late May can also provide some super fun waves too, although the weather will be a bit more sporadic.

So yeah, all the spots in this South West Coast guide are best surfed during November to April.




Hikkaduwa main point is the wave that lured surfers from around the world to the South West Coast. It has been surfed since the 70’s and has broken as beautifully ever since. The wave itself is the epitome of an A Frame reef break. It is a swell magnet and also holds big swell.

The left is longer with really wackable walls whereas the right has more potential to barrel and offers a more bowly wall. A really good wave that will put a smile on the face of the most advanced surfer. 

In the early 2000’s the town of Hikkaduwa itself used to be a bit of a zoo with thousands of tourists and hundreds of surfers on the beach, it actually became an unpleasantly crowded place to surf, but with more surfing options opening up further south of the island now, the crowds have thinned out drastically and solo sessions at SW Sri Lanka’s premiere wave can be had again for the first time decades.

Not a place for beginners, progressive intermediate to advanced surfers only. The beach to the left of the main point has plenty of beginner friendly waves.

Break type: A-Frame

Suitable for: Intermediate & Advanced





South Beach

South Beach is the next notable reef break wave after Hikkadawa.

Heading south, 20 minutes after Galle, just before the popular surf town of Kabalana. This wave is a deep water reef break which favours the rights.

The wave itself is very slopey and can give the most similar feeling to snowboarding that you could experience on a wave. That’s not to say that it’s a beginner wave however, it is very long and can throw sections at you, so the more advanced surfer will have a good time here on the right swell with the right board.

It’s always relatively quiet, great option for intermediate surfers. Beware of going left as a long ride may look appealing but the reef gets shallow towards the end of the wave and the paddle back out can be a nightmare.

Break type: Deep reef break, right hander

Suitable for: Intermediate



The Rock

ticket to ride surf house sri lanka surf camp review ahangama-3The Rock is definitely one of the best waves in the country, situated at the north end of Kabalana beach. Known as The Rock due to the large rock sticking out to sea, which forms the A Frame wave.

The wave itself is a swell magnet, so if there’s no waves here there’s no waves anywhere, but it is pretty much never flat, this does mean it can be crowded. However, the wave holds the most swell of any setup in the area so when it gets way over head high you’ll only find the chargers out there.

The left is long offering a fast wall for up to 300m, the right is shorter, more bowly, offering the odd barrel, then 50m rippable wall into the deep water channel. 

The paddle out is easy from the beach even in big conditions because of this deep water channel, but beware of flash rips and stong currents. Also the paddle back out after catching a long left can be grueling if a couple of sets are pounding into the reef.

Break type: A Frame Reef

Suitable for: Advanced surfers only






ticket to ride surf house sri lanka surf camp review ahangama-3Once a semi secret spot, located directly opposite the Ticket to Ride Surf House and a short stroll from Secret Spot Villa, at the south end of Kabalana beach, but now pretty well known, Sticks is a great all round Sri Lanka surf spot – a sandy reef break which attracts a range of surfers from short boarders to loggers.

Recognisable by the iconic stilt fisherman (a sight that gave the spot its name) the fun A frame offers a long, carvable left and an almost equally good right. The waves themselves actually change throughout the season with the lefts being better in the early season months and the rights gaining more shape in the late season.

Split a peak with your buddy or partner and a great spot for a surf group of mixed abilities, although on a bigger swell it’s not somewhere I’d recommend for beginners.

Break type: A-Frame

Suitable for: Intermediate & Advanced




As you might expect from the name – marshmallows is normally fat and squishy! haha. 

A fun, mellow wave this is a favourite for beginner surfers as well as long boarders looking for something cruisey. However, if the swell goes over 3ft, the wave changes shape completely and offers 300m walled up right handers and a barreling left hander into a deep channel.

The paddle out is easy when small and extremely tiring when big. Even though it’s a reef break only rocks you’ll ever experience are entering and exiting the water, so don’t get caught out kicking off too shallow. Even so reef booties aren’t really needed – so go enjoy.

One of my personal favourites for a super fun session!

Break type: Deep Reef (sand entry and exit)

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediates & Longboarders






Sion is the name of the wave which breaks in front of Devil island, named after the infamous surf camp, Ahangama’s first and finest – Sion Surf.

The wave itself was a secret spot for years and offers a similar style of wave to ‘The Rock’ but with less punch. As you can imagine the left is longer, reeling for up to 100m and the rights shorter but sharper. Multiple peaks can be on offer in this small bay so it does tend to hold the increasingly growing crowds. 

Beware of fingers of reef that pop up out of nowhere, scope the entry and exit points thoroughly before you get stuck in.

Break type: A frame, multiple peaks

Suitable for: Intermediate / Progressive / Advanced




Midigama is actually a town, the next one down from Ahangama and arguably the main hub for surfing on the South West Coast of Sri Lanka –  a great base for anyone wanting a good variety of waves on their doorstep.

In fact if you stay in the town you’ll have several different surf spots all within walking distance, suitable for all levels of surfer too. From the right hand barrel ‘Rams’ to the longboarders heaven ‘Lazy Left’, as well as beginners paradise ‘Lazy Right’, and the surfers skateparks of Plantation and Coconuts which are a progressive surfers dream.

Its popularity means there are plenty of restaurants, bars and accommodation options in the area too, which is always a bonus and for convenience it is certainly a solid shout.

Break type: A whole mixture

Suitable for: All Levels




Probably the most advanced surf spot on the West Coast, Rams is a punchy A frame reef that is a haven for experienced surfers looking for something a bit more high end.

Short, but fast and barrelling the left is certainly a longer ride, but the right has much more shape to it – especially for those looking for a cheeky cover up!

It can hold some good size too, but don’t be caught out with how easy the paddle to the lineup is – advanced surfers only.

Break type: A Frame Reef

Suitable for: Advanced surfers only



Lazy Lefts (and Rights!)

Another super popular Sri Lanka surf spot is Lazy Lefts – potentially due to the chilled nature of the name! This reeling left hander has a steep take off which then mellows out into a rather fun and lazy wave…hence the name!

With an easy paddle out and breaking over a deep reef it’s a great wave to learn to surf reef breaks on, but this does mean it attracts a crowd of all levels too.

If you’re a natural footer or simply want to escape the crowd at Lazy Lefts then the neighbouring Lazy Rights is a solid choice. Although not quite as good it can offer some super long rides and is ideal for less experiences surfers, especially on the inside reform.

Break type: Reef (deep)

Suitable for: Intermediate & Advanced




If you’re looking to learn to surf in Sri Lanka then this is certainly one of the best spots to head!

Weligama offers up a range of peak across the sandy bottom bay – making it a hotspot for surf schools and beginners, although any level of surfers will be able to enjoy the waves here.

You’ll instantly recognise the break as the iconic island sits in the middle of the bay – a great backdrop to your surf shots! It’s just a shame that there’s now the hideous eyesore which is the Marriot hotel standing 10+ stories high proud at the South end of the beach.

Break type: Beach Break

Suitable for: All Levels




sri lanka surf guide ahangama arugam bay mirissa weligama surf camp longboardMore commonly known as the hub for whale watching and dolphin watching trips Mirissa is a booming tourist town with all the convenience and variety when it comes to eating, drinking, partying and sleeping.

But alongside that Mirissa has some epic surf spots too.

There are some fun peaks on the beach, but the real draw is the right hand point which runs along the palm tree strewn peninsular. In fact the backdrop and wave itself both remind me heaps of Noosa in Australia.

And as with Noosa, Mirissa Point is a favourite for long boarders – a long reeling right hander.

Despite the wave being mellow be aware the bottom is live coral and strewn with sea urchins to be careful in the shallows and reef booties might be a good call!

Break type: Beach Break and Right Hand Point

Suitable for: All Levels




Another ‘used to be secret spot’ Madiha is the name of the town which offers Madiha Left and Madiha Right, right next to each other. The left is truly top quality offering a 50m ride with barrel sections.

The right which is across the deep water channel, picks up more swell, but has more of a slope to the wave, and a longer ride, making it attractive to beginner surfers and surf camps from the local area who shouldn’t be out there, as there are still hazards such as live coral reef on the bottom.

Use the channel between both peaks to paddle to which ever wave you fancy. 

Break type: Left and Right reef

Suitable for: Intermediate – advanced




Heading south for half an hour after Madiha and you get to the beautiful horseshoe shaped bay known as Hiriketya, located at the south end of the town of Dikwella.

The bay offers a left hand point break, reeling over shallow reef –  the beaches jewel of the crown, however the middle of the bay also offers a very user friendly backwash style beach break, which is the perfect place to learn to surf.

The area itself has boomed in the past 5 years, going from a legitimate hidden paradise, to a packed out Instagram influencers heaven, however this isn’t all doom and gloom, as the food and accommodation offerings in the area are amongst the best on the coast.

Due to the location of the bay technically being on the South East Coast, the left hand point picks up all the off season swell, but is protected from the wind so is a great off season offering.

Break type: Left hand point / beach break

Suitable for: Beginner, intermediate, advanced, longboard


Have you surfed the West Coast?

What are your favourite Sri Lanka surf spots?



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