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Project Blank Wetsuit Review – Should You Buy One? (Inc Promo Code!)

Thinking about buying a Project Blank Wetsuit? Are they worth the hype? Here’s my full Project Blank wetsuit review inc a 15% discount code!

Thinking about buying a Project Blank wetsuit and looking for a detailed Project Blank wetsuit review?

I’ve been putting both their springsuit and steamer range through their paces to see if they meet the hype..

Project Blank Wetsuit Review

Who Are Project Blank?

Project Blank are pretty new to the surf landscape – launching in Australia in early 2020. Since then they’ve made a pretty solid entry into the market and have quickly expanded their surf range to include wetsuits, fins, board boards and more.

Much like companies such as Need Essentials they’ve stripped out all the bells, whistles and gimmicks of the bigger, corporate brands and have concentrated on simple, functional and well created products.



Project Blank Wetsuit Range

So which Project Blank wetsuits can you get your hands on at the moment?

Well there are 3 main options across the range:

Natural Eco Steamer

wavepool melbourne urbnsurf australiaIf you’re looking for a super sustainable and eco friendly wetsuit then the Natural Eco Steamer is the way to go. Made using Yulex Rubber (much like Patagonia range), this is one of the most eco friendly neoprene alternatives.

Combined with a Recylced Ultraspan Jersey comprising of 45 PET bottles, Bamboo thermal lining, triple glued water based Aqua Alpha seams, double stitched, taped seams and you’ve got a high performance wetsuit with eco kudos too!

High Performance Steamer

Although not as eco based at the Natural Eco Steamer, the High Performance Steamer is still made from limestone neoprene, which is certainly a step in the right direction!

Tripled glued, double blind stitched seams combined with Radiator Thermaflex taping and chest zip entry make the High Perforamce Steamer live up to its name.

Eco Recycled Steamer

Another limestone neoprene option with tripled glued, double blind stitched and seams – the Eco Recycled Steamer is also created from recycled rubber (mainly car tyres!) and 45 PET bottles are also used in the creation of the suit too!




  • 3/2 Natural Eco Steamer
  • 2mm Natural Eco Steamer Short Sleeve
  • 4/3 High Performance Steamer
  • 3/2 High Performance Steamer
  • 3/2 Eco Recycled Steamer
  • 2mm High Performance Short Sleeve Steamer


  • 3/2 Natural Eco Steamer
  • 4/3 High Performance Steamer
  • 3/2 High Performance Steamer
  • 3/2 Eco Recycled Steamer
  • 2mm High Performance Long-sleeve Springsuit
  • 1.5mm High Performance Long-sleeve Springsuit (Bikini Cut)


  • 3/2 Natural Eco Steamer
  • 4/3 High Performance Steamer
  • 3/2 High Performance Steamer
  • 3/2 Eco Recycled Steamer

Click here to check out the full Project Blank Wetsuit range




project blank wetsuit review wetsuit guidePricing – And A 10% Off Promo Code!

When it comes to pricing the Project Blank wetsuit range is certainly much nicer on the wallet than some of the bigger named brands.

The mens steamer starts at AUD$250, with the 3/2 Yulex Steamer coming in at AUD$395.

Springsuit wise it kicks off at AUD$220 for the mens long arm, short sleeve – or AUD$130 for the ladies capsule style 2/2.

Not bad for a quality crafted and eco orientated wetsuit!

Plus use the code STOKEDFORTRAVEL! at checkout for 10% off!

Click here to check out their full range.





One of the things that really sets Project Blank wetsuits apart (and the company as a whole to be honest) is the environmental initiatives they’re involved in.

Not only are they using more sustainable materials (such as Yulex Rubber, limestone neoprene and plastic free packaging) but all their orders help contribute to their other eco inspired goals, which include:

  • 1 tree planted for every order
  • 1.2kg of ocean based rubbish removed per order
  • 10kg of carbon offset per order

So as well as getting a more environmentally friendly wetsuit you’ll also be contributing to some other awesome eco goals they’ve set too – and they have a solid place in my Eco Surf Guide as a result.




Would I Recommend Them?

wavepool melbourne urbnsurf australiaPersonally over the last few months I’ve put both the long arm, short leg 2mm spring suits and the 3/2 eco-recycled steamer through their paces.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of water time surfing and photographing in the 2mm and it’s comfortable, well fitted, flexible and most importantly warm – so it does the job and it does the job well.

In fact over a year after I originally bought it, it’s still going strong!

Although I haven’t spent as much time surfing in the 3/2 it was the suit I used on my trip down to URBNSURF in Melbourne – and despite a chilly 13 degrees in the pool I was super toasty, even for the dawn patrol and night sessions.

I haven’t spent much time surfing in a full 3/2 suit for a few years now and I was surprised at how much flexibility and movement  the suit had – and at no point did I feel my surfing suffered from either stiffness in the suit or from being cold. So that’s a win, win on that front too.

Bottom line is I have no hesitation in recommending the Project Blank wetsuits (and have done to heaps of friends!) so if you’ve on the lookout for a solid suit that won’t break the bank and also contributes to some epic eco initiatives, then look no further!

Have you tried out a Project Blank Wetsuit?

What did you make of them?




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