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Australia Bushfire – How Can You Help? Donation Links

Want to donate to help with the Australia bushfire relief efforts? Here’s a few options on where to donate to help both people and wildlfe in Australia

Unless you’ve been totally living under a rock for the last few months the chances are you’ve heard about the truly devastating Australia bushfires smashing the country right now.

It’s hard to comprehend the size and impact of these fires – but an area twice the size of Belgium is currently ablaze!

They’ve also created a plume of smoke wider than Europe which has even turned glaciers and mountains in neighbouring New Zealand brown with ash fallout…and they’re 2,000km away

Honestly the Australia PM Scott Morrison has been f*cking useless with handling this national disaster (or even admitting there is a problem!) so Australia needs all the help it can get. Heck even Aussie celeb Celeste Barber has raised more cash than the government has pledged!

Lets be honest here – thoughts and prayers for Australia aren’t going to cut it and the easiest way you can help out with the Australia bushfire is to donate to some of the incredible organisations helping on the ground, including wildlife rescue services, the Red Cross and of course the true heroes of it all – the Rural Fire Service.

And if you cant afford to donate give this post a share on Facebook or your social media and help spread the word! Actually do that if you donate too!

Also – it’s important to point out that Australia is still open for business and 99% of the awesome destinations, trips and tours you’d want to do whilst travelling Australia are still possible! If you’re worried about if your trip will be affected Tourism Australia have put together an awesome info page with a breakdown of where is and isn’t affected, which is being updated daily.

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Australia Bushfire – How Can You Help? Main Donation Links

Whether you want to help the people, the wildlife or both – here are some of the best official donation links for Australia bushfire appeals so you can make a difference no matter where you are in the world.

I know it’s a pain finding links on Instagram and stuff as the captions aren’t clickable but here are some of the best organisations you can donate to right now.

And of course if you know of any other awesome organisations who are on the ground helping and raising funds add them into the comments!


1. NSW Rural Fire Service

2. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

3. Bushfire Disaster Fund

4. Redcross Disaster Relief

5. Salvation Army Disaster Appeal:

6. CFA/VIC Rural Fire Service

7. Wildlife Victoria

8. Australia Travel Industry Redcross Fundraiser

9. Balu Blue Foundation

Scary Facts About The Bushfires

  • Over 500 millions animals lost
  • Including an estimates 1 in 3 koalas
  • Over 14 million acres burned
  • Including over 3.5 millions acres in New South Wales
  • 24 confirmed deaths
  • More than 1400 homes lost
  • Thousands of people evacuated and now homeless across NSW and VIC
  • 48.9 degree – some of the record high temperatures contributed to the fires



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Know of any other awesome organisations who need help?

Chuck the links in the comments and I’ll add them in

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