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urbnsurf melbourne australia wave pool cruiser advanced expert beast mode guide

URBNSURF Wave Pool – Which Wave Option Should You Choose?

Heading to the URBNSURF wave pool in Melbourne? Make sure you read this wave guide & find your perfect wave setting BEFORE YOU BOOK!

Heading to URBNSURF, wave pool and trying to figure out the best wave option for your sessions?

Well here’s my rundown of how to choose and some top tips to help you make the most of your time at Australias first wavepool.

URBNSURF Melbourne – Which Wave Option Should You Choose?

Why’s It Important To Choose The Right Wave Option?

Ok, so before we run through all the URBNSURF wave options, lets talk about why selecting the correct wave type is important!


One of the biggest things I noticed in ALL the session I jumped in on (with the exception of the Cruiser) was that there were a good handful of people that shouldn’t be there.

Now I’m all for people challenging themselves and progressing, but these people were well out of their depth – to the point they were a liability to themselves but also other people in the session too.

The take off on the intermediate and advanced waves is fast and punchy – and if you bail out there you’re right next to the wall, taking the next set on the head and also putting yourself right in the line of the next surfer. 

So it’s pretty easy to end up in a really precarious situation if you don’t know what you’re doing, and also how to safely get out of it.

Check out my Top Tips section further down on advice for avoiding this!




And of course if you’ve out of your depth you’re also going to get really frustrated and not have any fun! 

At the end of the day you’re dropping about $70 a session at URBNSURF wave pool, so you want to get your monies worth and enjoy the experience!

So yeah, this is a big one.


The third main reason it’s important to choose the right session is so you can use your Australia wave pool experience to push your surfing and progress.

If you go to big, too quickly you’re going to be more worried about going down the line on the wave than doing turns and progressing your skills.

I can surf the Advanced and Expert wave settings – but for me my best progression at the moment is in the intermediate setting, where I’m in a comfortable size wave so I can simply concentrate on my turns and and tweaking my technique.

The same goes for the Advanced v the Advanced Turns session too. Do you want the barrel option or are you really wanting to concentrate on your turns in bigger waves? If it turns, do the turns session!



Surf Lessons at URBNSURF

learn to surf at urbnsurf melbourne australia wave poolNever surfed before? Well URBNSURF provides a safe, controlled environment to give it a try and surf lessons at URBNSURF offer up fun white water walls everyday!

Suitable for kids, adults and also group bookings this you’ll have a session of land based theory and practice before heading to the inside section of the lagoon.

For those who have already had a couple of lessons and are starting to think about tackling Cruise Session – they also offer 2 more advanced learn to surf sessions called Beginner 1 and Beginner 2. These will help you learn the skills needed to ride unbroken waves, including turning and take off positioning.



Cruiser Session

  • urbnsurf cruiser session urbnsurf melbourne australia wave poolWave Face Height = 1m
  • Wave Length = 12-16 seconds

The Cruiser Session is perfect for those who have gained their confidence in the white water, can pop to their feet quickly and consistently and are looking at taking their first steps into riding unbroken waves.

Waves are about knee to waist high and are pretty mellow and forgiving – much like a chilled day at spots like The Pass in Byron Bay or the points at Noosa.

If this is your first attempt at surfing on unbroken waves, or even your first wave pool experience they also offer Cruiser Lessons, so you’ll have guidance from an instructor to help you make the most of it.



Intermediate Session

  • Wave Face Height = 1-1.5m
  • Wave Length = 12-16 seconds

urbnsurf intermediate session urbnsurf melbourne australia wave poolOutgrown the Cruiser Session? Ready to

The take off on Intermediate is a big step up from Cruiser and with wave heights around the waist to shoulder height the URBNSURF intermediate sessions are going to be the go to for the vast majority.

It’s a good size wave with plenty of power so for those looking at pushing their turns this is a solid choice, as well as getting yourself comfortable with a faster takeoff.

If you’re worried about the transition, want some more guidance or simply haven’t surfed a wave pool before you can also opt for an Intermediate Lesson to get your confidence up.



Advanced Session

  • urbnsurf advanced session urbnsurf melbourne australia wave poolWave Face Height = 1.6-2m
  • Wave Length = 12-16 seconds
  • Barrels = YES

This is where things start getting a lot more solid. The Advanced Session starts off with a fast, whackable, head high way which is ideal for those looking to practice their skills in bigger waves.

The second part of the session then changes over into the famed barrel mode, where a nice easy roll in quickly becomes a sucky, hollow barrel section.

Just as a word of warning – it really isn’t as easy as it looks and the lip packs some serious punch, so make sure you cover your head and get prepared to take a beating!



Advanced Turns Session

  • urbnsurf advanced turns session urbnsurf melbourne australia wave poolWave Face Height = 1.6-2m
  • Wave Length = 12-16 seconds
  • Barrels = NO

Unlike the Advanced Session the Advanced Turns Session doesn’t offer barrels – instead the second part of the session offers up a big, long, perfect wall which is ideal for big cutbacks and roundhouse turns.

If you’re looking to practice your face work on the biggest wavepool option available this one if for you.



Expert Session (aka Beast Mode)

  • urbnsurf advanced session beast mode urbnsurf melbourne australia wave poolWave Face Height = 1.6-2m (and chunky!)
  • Wave Length = 12-16 seconds
  • Barrels = YES (all session!)

Got your confidence up in the Advanced Session and want even more barrels?

Well the Expert Session (aka Beast Mode) skips out the turns and offers heavy, hollow barrels from start to finish.

Again – this isn’t as easy as it looks, so I wouldn’t be booking one of these session unless you’re already a super competent tube rider or have done a few Advanced Sessions first!



Use It As a Training Session

As fun and exciting as a trip to URBNSURF wave pool is, you’ll get the most of the wave pool (especially as an experienced surf) if you treat it like a gym and use it for training.

wavepool melbourne urbnsurf australiaSure, use the first few waves of the session to have heaps of fun and enjoy a couple perfect waves – but after that get down to business!

Before you hit the pool (heck, even whilst your planning your trip!) have a plan in mind of what you want to achieve, set some goals, watch some YouTube tutorials and paddle out with the intent to achieve it.

Whether that’s simply nailing your pop or generating speed down the line, right through to push those turns to 12 o’clock or getting your tube stance refined – setting goals will make your URBNSURF experience much more rewarding.

At the end of the day a wave pool is not the ocean, so it’s not quite the same feeling and buzz.

BUT the flipside of this is that it can help you get an even bigger buzz when you hit the ocean next if you perfect your technique!



My Top Tips

When it comes to your wave choice at URBNSURF wavepool, the best advice I can give is to not just book a single session.

If you’re making the trip there you’ll want at least 2 session across the day – spaced out for some recovery of course!

wavepool melbourne urbnsurf australiaWith this in mind I’d book a skill level lower than you think you need for the first session. Not only will this ease you into your wavepool experience, but more importantly it’s going to help you figure out the takeoff, which is the most difficult part of surfing there!

Trust me, you’ll stack it or miss waves at least a couple times on your first session as you get in the groove of positioning and reading the take off.

This will take the pressure off and allow you to really settle in, feel out the wave and of course how the whole lineup works.

Then for your second session go for the main event go for you wave of choice – paddling out knowing you have the takeoff dialled will allow you to make the most of it.

I’m a pretty confident surfer, but for my next trip I’ll be going for 2 x intermediate sessions, followed by and Advanced or Expert mode.

The URBNSURF Intermediate waves will be my training sessions, where I’ll go in with a specific goal in mind and make the most of the perfect, repetitive nature of the wavepool experience.

The Advanced or Expert Session is simply to get the barrel shot and challenge myself!




Have you been to URBNSURF wave pool, Melbourne?

Any recommendations on wave choices?


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