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Surf Yoga – 25 Simple Stretches Every Surfer Needs (Inc Easy To Follow Video Sessions)

Push your surf skills to the next level with these 25 surf yoga stretches – including 3 easy to follow video classes, sutiable for everyone!

Surf yoga is something every surfer should work into their surf training.

Core strength, flexibility and releasing tension are 3 things every surfer should be aware of before a surf, after a surf and of course on flat days too!

Don’t worry I’ve skipped over all the hippie stuff and everything that follows has been designed with surfers in mind – in fact my yogi buddy Echo who helped me put together these surf yoga videos is a surfer herself!

Simple, easy to follow and perfect as a daily workout or pre surf warm up or even post surf warm down all the yoga poses here will help build your strength and flexibility – something I can guarantee will help improve your surfing heaps!

Surf Yoga – 25 Simple Stretches Every Surfer Needs

10 Simple Yoga Stretches

To get you started here are 10 simple surf yoga stretches, suitable for all levels. They’re super easy to work into your daily routine, or as a pre surf warm up or post surf warm down.

Designed to build up your flexibility and stretch out those core surf muscles in your hips, shoulders and lower back – working on these areas will certainly improve your surf ability and keep your muscles happy!


15 Surf Core Strength & Flexibility Poses

Building on the 10 simple surf poses – these 15 surf yoga postures are aimed at improving your surf core strength as well as your flexibility.

Focusing on the core balance mastering these yoga poses will really push your surfing game up a notch. And of course the more advantage poses allowing you to push your flexibility a step further too, which will no doubt have a positive effect on your time in the water.


10 Minute Surf Yoga Session 

Always thought you didn’t have time to fit surf yoga into your daily routine, don’t fancy taking a face to face class or simply didn’t know where to start?

This awesome 15 minute surf yoga session focuses on a dynamic, flowing set of poses all designed with surfers in mind. 

Perfect to easily follow along before your morning coffee or surf check this will wake up your muscles for an epic session in the water or help you keep your strength and flexibility going on flat days.

So find a space, grab a mat and get your “om” on!

Are you into surf yoga?

Any poses or stretches you’d recommend?

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