10 Top Surf Destinations For Epic Waves

Trying to plan your next surf trip but not sure where to go? Check out my top surf destinations and go score some perfect waves!

Busy planning your next surf trip and trying to figure out the best surf destinations to add to the list?

Well I’ve spent the last 7 years bouncing around the world on the hunt for waves, beaches and good times – so here are my personal top 10 surf destinations for epic waves…time to throw that bar of sex wax into your board bag and get on a plane!


10 Top Surf Destinations For Epic Waves


Mentawais, Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands are one of those ultimate surf bucket list items and until recently I thought it would be a long time before I could head out that way. So when I got the opportunity to join the crew of Beng Bengs surf camp to shoot their new promo video I jumped at the chance!

For those who want a bowl full of barrels before breakfast peak season here is pumping, with more world class waves than you’ll know what to do with. For intermediate surfers or those looking to really escape the crowds, low and shoulder season offer some greta discounts on surf camps here, more manageable swells and less people in the water.


Thulusdhoo, The Maldives

Another absolutely bucket list destinations surfing in the Maldives is often overlooked due to the perceived price tag. Sure you can head this way and max out your credit card with 5* luxury but did you know you can stay on local islands from just $60USD per night for a private, A/C, double room?!

Thulusdhoo is one such island and is home to reeling right hand reef break Cokes which will keep even the most experienced surfer happy. For those with a little less nerve left hander Chickens is just across the channel.

…or if you do fancy splashing some cash check out Cinnamon Dhonveli, home of private surf break Pasta Point. A super fun left reserved just for hotel guests!


Raglan, New Zealand

If you want long lefts and I mean loooooooong Raglan in New Zealand should definitely be on your radar – especially if you’re a goofy footed longboarder!

This epic point break is basically a reverse of J’Bay with big walls and super funs sections. Sure it’s not quite as tropical as some of the spots on this list (you’ll need a wetsuit for sure) but the town itself is super chilled and laid back so it’s a great place to spend some serious time relaxing and surfing.

In fact it’s so epic it made it into the Endless Summer movie so go grab your ham sandwich and get ready for some kiwi surfing!


Anchor Point, Morocco

Welcome to the land of mint tea, camels, tagine and pumping waves – Morocco is one of the most surf rich coastlines I’ve visited anywhere on my travels and whether you want beach breaks, reefs or points it serves up the goods. The most famous spot by far though is Anchor Point, just outside the surfing hotspot of Taghazout.

Big right handers roll through here every winter and there some serious tube time to be had if you’re brave enough too take off in front of the rocks.

The locals can be a bit agro when you’re in the water so play nice and you’ll be rewarded with some amazing rides.


J’Bay, South Africa

Do I really need to say much about J’Bay?! A firm favourite on the WSL Dream Tour this spot is famed for barrels, massive walls and epically long right handers, all with that perfect South African backdrop.

Sure Mick ended up punching a shark in the lineup but dont let that stop you paddling out at one of the best surf spots in the world!


Montanita, Ecuador

Ok so the waves here aren’t quite as epic as some of the other spots but Montanita has a firm place on my list as I’ve worked out there as a surf coach for a few seasons at the beginning of my adventures! The beach break provides a variety of peaks for all levels – but if you’re wanting to go big the Point is heaps of fun and can handle some solid swells.

The water temperature here is a huge draw as well, you’ll always be in boardies and being on the Equator the climate is spot on year round!

The town itself is super fun too with cocktail alley serving cup a good helping of mojitos and salsa each night.


Byron Bay, Australia

Ah Byron Bay – my home away from home! This hippie beach town on the East Coast of Australia not only oozes the Aussie surf vibe but holds its own with the waves too.

Longboarder rejoice at the Pass, one of the best logging waves I’ve come across and some of the personal longest ever rides. For those packing shorter boards spots like the Wreck, Main Beach, Belongil and Tallows will provide waves on a. huge variety of conditions.

Sure the summer crowds can be hectic but it’s and incredible spot to surf and enjoy.


Siargao, The Philippines

When I first visited Siargao I totally fell in love with the place, with its gorgeous beaches, cheap living and laid back island vibes.

And of course there’s the surf – spots like Cloud 9 producing some super punchy barrels and Daku reef providing some more mellows sessions. With spots all around the island there’s waves to be had on almost every swell and peak season the place is absolutely firing off.

Unfortunately it’s now well on the map and swamped with tourists (both from the Philippines and abroad) so prices have risen and there’s a lot more crowds (especially at Cloud 9 and Quiksilvers) so get in the water early or shell out for a boat ride to one of the spots further off the island to avoid them.


Java, Indonesia

I’m in two minds about writing about surfing in Java as it’s just so perfect and I dont want to ruin it! I’ve done 3 big trips to Red Island in Java now and have only seen about 3 other surfers in the water whilst I was there!

The locals are friendly, the prices are cheap and the water is warm. It’s ideal for all levels of surfer and a world away from the crowds of Bali.

And if you really want to charge G-Land is just a quick boat trip away too!


Mancora, Peru

Another left hand dream spot, Mancora not only has pumping surf but it’s a great little party town too! Situated in Norther Peru it’s an overnight bus from the capital of Lima or an overnight hop across the border from Montanita in Ecuador.

Ideal for goofy footed long boarders it’ll serve up some super long rides in warm water.

I’m looking forward to heading back here again soon!

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