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20 Surf Accessories EVERY Surfer Should Have

From changing mats and key safes to ear plugs and dry bags here are 20 surf accessories EVERY surfer should have!

Looking for the best surf accessories out there?

Whether you’re looking for some useful things for your own kit bag or as a gift for the surfer in your life here are 20 awesome surf accessories that any wave lover will appreciate…

20 Surf Accessories EVERY Surfer Should Have

Changing Mat / Wetsuit Bucket

Every surfer hates washing out a dirty, sandy wetsuit after driving back from the beach – so a changing mat or wetsuit bucket is the easy work around.

Opt for something like the Creatures of Leisure Surf Bucket which is easy to fold down and store, or just grab a $10 builders bucket from your local DIY store.

Easily my must used day to day surf accessory!

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GoPro Hero 10

review gopro hero 10 is it worth the upgrade max lens mod accessories gp2 chip slow mo 5k-2If you want to capture all your surfing adventures then a GoPro Hero 10 is a great option for your kit bag. Robust, waterproof and with a whole heap of features to create epic video and photo content.

Whether you’re just mounting your GoPro to your surfboard for selfie shots, or using it to create a mini edit of your latest surf trip, the Hero 10 will handle pretty much everything you can throw at it.

I’ve been using a range of GoPros over the last 10 years and they’ve all served me well, with the Hero (with Max Lens Mod) being my current weapon of choice.

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FCS Ratchet Tool

Not only does it cover the fins screws that standard FCS and Futures fin boxes take – but it also has both a flat and a cross head screwdriver option too, so it’ll handle your longboard fins as well.

One of the most overlooked part of the FCS Ratchet Tool though is it contains an accessory that helps remove fin screw that have be rounded off – helping save you from a full fin box replacement.

And whilst we’re talking about this side of things – a few spare fin screws are always handy to keep in your kit box!

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sun and earth zinc surf accessoriesIf you’re heading to the tropics a good supply of surf zinc is a must – and there are plenty of options out there. For me the Sun and Earth Zinc is the best I’ve tested out.

Not only does the consistency of it apply easily and stay on – but it’s solid sun protection whether you’re in Australia, Africa or Indo

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Fin Removal Tool

If you haven’t made the swap from FCS2 over to Futures yet (more about that over on this post) then there’s now a dedicate fin removal tool to help you swap out your FCS2 fins without damaging your board or yourself!

So until you switch over to Futures it’s worth having one in your kit bag.

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Ear plugs

best gifts for surfers gift guide xmas Christmas surfingSay what you want about ear plugs – they should be something every surfer uses as prevention is better than cure! Not only do they minimise your risk of getting surfer ear (and that’s something everyone can say they want to avoid!) but they also help protect your ear during wipeouts too.

My brother learnt the hard way, tearing his ear drum on a nasty bail and now he wont surf without them.

Surf Ears are a great option to grab from your local surf shop, or if you want something even better you can get custom earplugs made. I’ve had mine for nearly 10 years now and they travel with me everywhere.

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Key Safe

Unless you’re rocking an old school car key, the chances are that you don’t want to be paddling out with your expensive to replace electric option in your wetsuit.

Investing in a good key safe solves this issue easily, and for me the Creatures of Leisure key safe has been well worth the money.

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Surf Rack

Building up a good quiver of boards? Well you’ll ned somewhere to store them!

Not only does a good surfboard rack help you show off your favourite sticks, it’ll also help keep them safe and secure too.

Whether they’re sitting in the garage or living room there are plenty of options to choose from – from cheaper DIY options available all over Gumtree and Facebook market place, through to options from the likes of Quiva which are super easy to put together and look epic too.

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Dustpan and Brush

Along with sandy wetsuits are sandy feet.

Whether it’s filling your car full of sand or being shouted at for walking it through the house – keeping a dustpan brush in the back of your car will keep things sand free and make life a lot easier!

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Wax Storage Container

Everyones left their wax in the car on a hot day and lived to regret it. It melts, spreads everywhere and then is impossible to clean up.

Save yourself a whole heap of hassle and grab a wax storage container so you’ll never have to worry about the mess again.

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Water Bottle

by lili reuseable water bottle byron bayYou’ve got to keep hydrated post surf, so investing in a good water bottle is a must. There are plenty of brands out there with double insulated, metal water bottles that will keep your post surf refreshment cold for up to 24 hours.

The team at By Lili have some awesome options that give back to some great causes – plus it’s a full litre, perfect for some post surf hydration!

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Reusable Coffee Cup

And what about your pre surf coffee? Cut down on your carbon footprint with a reusable coffee cup. Not only does it eliminate waste, it also keep your coffee hotter for longer.

So now you can sip a warm drink on your dawn patrol surf check, you’re welcome!

Check out By Lili for some awesome options that also give back to some great ocean based projects

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Surf Watch

Whether you just want to be able to track the tides or go all out and track your performance in the waves, a good surf watch is always a great surf accessory to have.

They’re great gifts too if you’re looking for something special for the surfer in your life.

Check out my full guide to the best surf watches here – although personally the Apple Watch is my favourite option.

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Dry Bag

Whether you want to keep your valuables dry or your wet stuff contained, a dry bag is a no brainer when it comes to surf accessories – especially if you’re packing for a surf trip where you might be doing boat transfers or day trips.

You can grab some pretty solid budget options, or if you want to go all out the Creatures of Leisure S-Lock Dry Bag is the perfect combination of backpack and dry bag for those planning an epic surf mission.

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Beach Umbrella

Doing a full day beach mission? Hitting the sand with the family or some non surfers?

Then a beach umbrella is another must have surf accessory. In my experience cheap is certainly not best, especially when it comes to windier days, so treat yourself to a solid option.

You’re spoilt for choice in terms of brands, colours and setups – but the team at Project Blank have a solid, more budget friendly option that I highly recommend.

Click here to buy – use the code STOKEDFORTRAVEL for 15% off!



Surf Hat

kaiola surf hat surfer gift guide xmasSure you can use heaps of sunscreen and zinc, but nothing beats the protection of a solid sun hat – especially for those tropical missions or summer sessions.

I’ve tested out a few on my travels – including the FCS range – but my go to now is the Kaiola Surf Hat, which are super comfortable, quick drying and there’s a range of colour options to choose from too.

And they’ve now launched a bucket hat option as well.

As a bonus use the code STOKEDFORTRAVEL for 10% off!

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Ding Repair Kit

A decent ding repair kit if a must for any surfer – you never know when you’ll need one.

UV cure ones are usually the easiest and most cost efficient ones to pick up – just make sure you select the correct one for your PU or Epoxy board.

A quick tip for ding repairs on rails, before exposing it to the sun, wrap some cling film over the ding to help smooth out the finish. It works wonders for repairs on rails and tails.

For those wanting a quick fix on the go, Ding Tape is also a great little invention as a patch to tie you over until you can do a proper repair.

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Surf Poncho

Personally, I don’t really get on with surf ponchos/ changing robes/ whatever you want to call them – I find it much easier to use a standard towel.

However, my girlfriend loves hers and she’s certainly flashing her boobs at strangers a lot less because of it!

So if you aren’t a fan of exposing yourself in public there are plenty of options on the market – including the budget friendly options by Project Blank.

Click here to buy – use the code STOKEDFORTRAVEL for 15% off!


Another one of my must have surf accessories – a decent pair of sunnies should be a no brainer for surfers.

Spend the extra cash to get a polarised pair too – not only will they give your eyes much more protection but they’re awesome for taking the glare off the ocean for your surf checks too!

I’ve been rocking some of the Liive range recently – heaps of styles to choose from and really great value for money as well.

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Surf Wax

best gifts for surfers gift guide xmas Christmas surfingAnd we can’t forget what is the most needed of all the surf accessories on the list – surf wax.

How often have you hit the beach with your friends and someone asks “have you got any wax”?

Heck, it’s not just your buddies, there’s always someone in the car park, pre-surf, asking around for some surf wax!

So yeah, surf wax should definitely be something you’re well stocked up with…and you don’t have to share it if you don’t want to!

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What are your favourite surf accessories?

Anything you’d add to the list?




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