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REVIEW: Weret – Rolex Of The Surf Watch World?

Looking for a luxury surf watch that’s as functional as it is stylish? Time to test the Weret surf watch to see if it delivers on its high tech features!

When it comes to choosing a surf watch you’re totally spoilt for choice – there’s a huge range of surf watches out there.

But if you’re looking for something a little different and love making a statement with your watch then Weret could be exactly what you’re looking for.

With surf reports and tidal data on your wrist, combined with Swiss build and Swedish design, Weret is the Rolex of surf watches!

After getting my hands on this innovative, luxury surf watch here’s how it measures up to the hype…

REVIEW: WERET – Rolex Of The Surf Watch World?

Surf Report & Tidal Data On Your Wrist

weret luxury surf watch review surfingSo what’s the deal with Weret? What does it do differently from most surf watches?

Well unlike most surf watches, which only offer tidal data (with the exception of the Ripcurl Search GPS and Apple Watch), the Weret range combines an analog timepiece with a smartwatch twist.

So not only do you get the standard tidal data you’d get on any orther surf watch, but you also get the full surf report and more too.

Powered by Magicseaweed, the watch face also displays the swell size and direction, so you can quickly check the days conditions, right on your wrist.

Alongside this you can also display the water temperature and air pressure too.




How It Works As A Surf Watch (and Does it?!)

So how do you get access to all this surf data on what is essentially and analog watch face?

weret luxury surf watch review surfingOnce you’ve paired your smartphone with your watch you’ll have a couple of themes you can activate; weather, wind and most importantly surf.

After selecting surf you then just need to search for your local surf spot, hit select and your watch will sync everything up.

Now, as well have having the local swell and weather report constantly displayed on the complication faces, you can also access additional data by hitting the watch crown.

The 3 watch hands will then move around the watch face and now are used to display the water temp, tide status and air pressure. A quick click of the crown then reverses them back to the current time.

There’s something pretty mesmerising and satisfying about the motion between the two, which takes your standard, analog watch face and gives it some techy, futuristic twist!




The Build Quality

As you’d expect from any luxury watch in this price bracket (more on that in a moment!) the Weret surf watch has a solid build and it feel robust and well made.

weret luxury surf watch review smartwatch magicseaweedThe combination of Swiss timepiece and Swedish design has resulted in a super functional, well designed watch that will no doubt handle everything an active, surfing lifestyle can throw at it.

And it has certainly handled all the testing I’ve put it through so far.

With sapphire crystal glass encased in surgical stainless steel, all finished off with an anti reflective and antic scratch coated crystal, every aspect of the Weret range has been crafted with surfers in mind.

The end result is something that feels as durable as it does stylish, down to the smallest details.

One thing I will say about the Weret watch though, is that it is quite chunky and heavy – so if you’re used to a slimlline timepiece (like myself) it’ll take some adjusting to. That being said I also got a couple of buddies who sport chunkier watches to wear it for a bit and they seem stoked on the size and weight – so it really is down to personal taste how you view that aspect of its build!




Watch Options

When it comes to choosing your Weret surf watch there are 6 watch face style to choose from – all with a mixture of colours and style to suit every preference;

  • Black Watch Face and Rose Gold Highlight (612-RG)
  • Black Watch Face, Casing and Silver Highlights (612-SV)
  • Black Watch Face, Casing and Blue Highlights (B-PVD)
  • Black Watch Face, Silver Casing and Silver/Blue Highlights (B-SV)
  • Black Watch Face and Silver Casing/Highlights (C-BLK)
  • White Watch Face and Silver Casing/Highlight (C-WHT)

For me I was torn between the B-PVD and B-SV as I really liked to subtle blue highlights on the surf data sections.

Ultimately I ended up going with the black watch face and casing with the silver/blue highlights of the B-SV – for me it suited my style and as much as I loved the classic look of the B-PVD ultimately it didn’t really fit the black tee and jean short look I rock on a daily basis!

The B-PVD model (with the black watch face, silver casing and silver/blue highlights ) was a close second though and certainly has the sleek and stylish look I think a lot of people would opt for.

Which Strap To Choose?

Alongside the actual watch faces, with all the Weret watches you also have the choice of 5 strap configurations, again with a decent enough range to suit everyones style and preference:

  • Croc Strap
  • Canvas Strap
  • Leather Strap
  • Cognac Strap
  • Silicone Strap

For me the silicone strap was the obvious choice – super water resistant, robust and comfortable. Although it felt a bit stiff to begin with the silicon soon loosened up and it feels comfortable and most importantly secure on my wrist. 

Even though the silicon will probably be the go to choice for those who are surfing with the watch a lot, the other options certainly fit in nicely when wearing it as a statement piece and having a band for surfing and for everyday wear is something that is a solid move too, especially for the more fashion conscious.




The Price

weret luxury surf watch review surfingOk, so lets cut to the chase – a Weret surf watch is going to be a pretty solid investment and will set you back US$595 / £495 / AU$795, so it sits firmly in the luxury watch category.

You can also bundle in extra straps – which will set you back US$50 each – and they’re pretty easy to swap over as well, so you could opt for two styles, one for work and one for play.

The price tag may seem high cost (especially compared with many standard, tide only surf watches) but this is no standard surf watch.

This is a high quality, well design and multi functional surf watch which is as much of a statement piece as it is an everyday watch.

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My Final Thoughts

weret luxury surf watch review surfingFor the average surfer Weret surf watches could well be out of their price bracket.

But the way I look at it Weret aren’t aiming at the average surfer – although admittedly if you have the cash to splash there’s no reason not to get one!

It’s a statement piece and luxury item for those who pride themselves on what their watch says about them.

It’s a watch that is at home on the beach and covered in salt water but equally so at the office, in the board room (the meeting variety, not the surfboard kind!) or at a swanky restaurant.

A smooth combination of business and pleasure, style and function.

The kind of watch that never looks dated, but also offers up some cutting edge technology too.

If you’re one of those watch people you’ll love Weret, if you’re a surfer you’ll love it even more.



Are you thinking about investing in a new surf watch?

Which one are you getting?


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