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Pasta Point Maldives – Every Surfers Dream!

Planning a Pasta Point Maldives surf trip? Here’s everything you need to know about the island, surfing Pasta Point and the surf packages

When it comes to luxury surf trip, a Pasta Point Maldives trip should be on everyones to do list – espeically if you’re a goofy footer!

Who could say no to tropical waters, pumping waves, an exclusive surf break and 5* service?!

So if you’re thinking of heading to Pasta Point, here’s what you can expect….

Pasta Point Maldives – Every Surfers Dream!

The Resort

pasta point maldives surf resort cinnamon dhonveliSo lets clarify something that can be a bit confusing – you Pasta Point Maldives trip will actually be based at Cinnamon Dhonveli, the island resort that is home to Pasta Point.

Also – it’s worth point out that you’ll need to book a dedicated surf package for Pasta Point as well through and accredited surf agent such as Stoked Surf Adventures.

You can’t just book a stay at Dhonveli and paddle out, or add it onto your existing hotel booking there.

Dhonveli itself has all the 5* luxury you’d expect from a Maldives Island resort – boasting numerous restaurants, bars, pools and a whole heap of facilities too, including a spa and in house dive centre.

So when you’re not busy surfing, you’ll be kicking back in paradise, enjoying a full blown, luxury surf trip!



Overwater Luxury

pasta point maldives surf resort cinnamon dhonveli 3As well as a range of accommodation – including Garden Bungalows, Beach Villas, and even options with their own private pools – you can tick even more items off your bucket list on your Pasta Point Maldives trip with a stay in an Overwater Bungalow!

These sits on their own private boardwalk, which is also the closest accomodation to Pasta Point too, and you’ll walk past the waves every time you head to the main part of the island or restaurant – so try not to get too distracted, and be prepared to run back to your room and grab your board!

All the Overwater Bungalows have direct access to the lagoon via their private balconies and steps, so you can jump off for a dip in the ocean anytime.

A 7 night stay in an Overwater Bungalow is $4,892 per surfer, based on twin occupancy – including all your meals, surf transfers and return airport transfers too.

Well worth it for the ultimate luxury surf trip!



Surfing Pasta Point

So how about Pasta Point itself? Why’s it world renowned and what’s it like to surf?

pasta point maldives surf resort cinnamon dhonveli 3A little history here – Pasta Point was actually one of the original surf spots discovered in the Maldives by Tony Hussein Hinde, who is widely regarded as the father of surfing in the Maldives.

His exploration of surfing in the Maldives was slightly by accident too, when he became shipwrecked in the North Male Atoll back in the early 1970s! If you’re keen to learn more about Tonys story check out this link.

Since the first waves were ridden at Pasta is has been one of the most exclusive breaks in the Maldives and draws in surfers from all over the world – although the amount of surfers allowed on the island is limited to 30, which means no crowds and lots of good vibes in the water!

The wave itself is as perfect as you could really imagine a left hander, wrapping around the island and offer up big walls for some turns and hollower sections for some barrel time too.

pasta point surfing maldives resort cinnamon dhonveliEntry and exit is right in front of the Surfer Bar, down the aptly named stairway to heaven and a short paddle across the reef. 

The take off spot sits just a short distance from the bars decking area too – so when you’re not surfing you can chill with a cold cocktail in front of the waves!

With a fairly mellow, rolling takeoff Pasta is loved by surfers from intermediate all the way through to expert, but obviously it really depends on the swell size.

Pasta Point can handle a huge variety of swell, and when the conditions line up double head waves can reel down the island – with jet ski assistance on hadn’t to help maximise your wave count when the sweep kicks in!

When it gets big  – its best left to experienced surfers, but the waist to head high range it’s super fun and playful and even long boarders will have a blast.

The key bit here though is being able to confidently take off on unbroken, left hand waves – as you’re still surfing over a shallow coral reef. If you’re not confident surfing reef or going left, it’s best to leave your Pasta Point surf trip until your skill level allows you to make the most of it.



Other Waves In The Area

Along with Pasta Point on your doorstep, Cinnamon Dhonveli sits amongst some of the most famous waves in the Maldives – all of which you’ll have access to during your stay:

sultans surf spot thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3Sultans – sitting right across the channel from the resort is Sultans, a punchy right hander with plenty of tube time. Surfers at Pasta Point have access to the first boat to hit the lineup here each day as an added bonus!

Honkys – to the other side of Sultans peak sit Honkys, a left hand version, if slightly less hollow.

Jailbreaks – this reeling right hander breaks of of Himmafushi Island and on the right swell the 3 section link into a long, fun break which wraps around the island. Fast, hollow and across a shallow reef it can handle a huge variety of swell.

Cokes – probably the most famous wave in the Maldives (admittedly slightly less than Pasta!) Cokes is a fast, hollow right hander breaking off the island of Thulusdhoo. A firm favourite for regular footers

Chickens – across the channel from Cokes, breaking off the resort of Kuda Vilingilli is this long, left hander which is always heaps of fun. Breaking in a huge variety of swell, on more mellow days Chickens is ideal for intermediates and longboarders too.

Maldives Surf Season

When it comes to the best season for Pasta Point the main Maldives surf season runs from March to October, with the biggest, most consistent swells between

Be aware that the peak season also crosses over heavily with wet season too, so expect a few showers – with peak wet season being May to October.

For those who want fun waves and also plenty of sunshine the shoulder season of Feb – April would be my recommendation – and the earlier part of that is ideal for those travelling with non surfers too.



Surf Packages

pasta point maldives surf resort cinnamon dhonveli 3So if you’re looking to surf Pasta Point Maldives, you’ll need to book a dedicated surf package, through an accredited surf agent like Stoked Surf Adventures.

This is super important to keep in mind as it can’t be added on at a later point – so you can’t just book direct with Cinnamon Dhonveli or, rock up and expect to be able to surf Pasta Point.

The Pasta Point surf package includes:

  • Accomodation (choose from the full range of room types)
  • Return airport transfers from Malé International Airport
  • All meals
  • All soft drink and water with meals
  • Exclusive access to Pasta Point (max 30 surfers on the island)
  • Daily surf guiding and transfers to surrounding breaks

Surf packages are set rates across all surf agents too, so no need to shop around for the best price either and non surfers in the group have set rates too.

Click here for more info and to book

There are only 2 exceptions to this:

1) The low season from Nov to Feb has reduced rates (again the same from all agents)

2) Earlybird pricing for the upcoming season run until late Jan – so get in early and save about 15% (again, all agents will have the same rates)

As Pasta Point is limited to 30 surfers max spots fill up quite far in advance, so get in early and secure your dates – 90% of the 2022 season sold out by the beginning of March!





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