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What can I expect from Travelling Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most popular countries on the planet to travelled for good reason – the draw of the tropical heat, stunning islands, variety of destinations and cheap daily costs make it the perfect starter destination for a backpacking adventure or for anyone looking for epic value for money.

There’s accommodation options to cover all budgets – from hostels to luxury villas and you’ll certainly get some serious bang for your buck when travelling around Thailand.

There’s a huge variety of destinations too – from the hustle and bustle of city life in Bangkok to the jungle city of Chiang Mai and it’s incredible night markets.

And if you love the beach you’ll be spoilt for choice too as the Thai Island are absolutely stunning. Popular options like Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi are easy to get to and of course there’s the world famous Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan if you fancy dancing the night away on a beach until sunrise with thousands of other travellers from around the globe!

Top Things to See and Do in Thailand

Learn to scuba dive on Koh Tao
Visit Maya Bay (aka 'The Beach')
Survive the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan
Cruise around Bangkok on a tuk tuk
Party on Koh San Road
Chill out in Pai
Visit the Golden Temple in Chiang Mai
Travel on the night train
Relax in Railay

Cost of travelling Thailand

Accommodation – As with the rest of South East Asia Thailand is geared up to accommodate every style and budget. Whether you want to spend a few dollars a night on a local hostel dorm or would prefer a luxury stay in a beach front villa for hundreds.

Food – Thailand is all about the street food – with a freshly cooked Pad Thai costing you less than a dollar and heaps of incredible local restaurants where rice, noodle and curry dishes will only set you back a few dollars. There’s plenty of international cuisine or more upmarket restaurants too but expect to pay a lot more.

Transportation – Getting around Thailand is incredibly easy and cheap too. The overnight bus and ferry combo to Koh Tao for example will set you back less than $30 for 18 hours of travel! Internal flights are pretty cheap too and tuk tuks and metered taxis make on the ground transport super cheap as well.

Suggested daily budget – from £25 a day. This is based on a. backpacker budget for a month travelling around Thailand including all transport, accommodation, meals and activities like a full open water dive course. For mid range travellers expect to live comfortably on £40-50 per day.

Money Saving Tips

Eat Street Food There are plenty of street food stalls to eat at serving up a range of dishes and it's where you'll find the best (and cheapest) eats!
Metered Taxis Although tuk tuks are by far the most fun way to travel grabbing a metered taxi is going to be the best value way to get around.
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Haggle Haggle Haggle! From accommodation and transport to trinkets dont be afraid to get your haggle on, Most prices are a tad high so hold out for a price that suits you.

My Must Have Guides For Traveling

Everything you neeed to know about traveling.

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What can I expect from Thailand?

Thailand is the perfect place to start your travels and a great first stop on any trip around South East Asia. With heaps of affordable international flights into the capital of Bangkok it’s easy to reach from Europe and Australia as well as from elsewhere in Asia.

It’s the perfect introduction into the hustle and bustle of this part of the world – with colourful, chaotic markets, a pumping nightlife and lots of culture to explore.

And of course one of the huge draws to travelling Thailand is the cost. Your daily budget here will get some serious bang for your buck – whether you’re a budget backpacker or on a luxury holiday.

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It’s super easy to travel around Thailand as well, with a great network of buses, ferries and trains as well as the fast paced tuk tuks and taxis. Booking travel on the ground is easily done at most hotels and guesthouses as well as a range of travel agencies too.

So whether you’re looking for a city escape, want to immerse yourself in some Asian culture, eat your way through the country or island hop – Thailand offers something for everyone.


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