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10 Unmissable Things To Do In The Maldives

Looking for the best things to do in the Maldives? From whale sharks to local island life – here are 10 unmissable Maldives experiences you have to try…

When people think about things to do in The Maldives they usually envision lazing on a beach with a cocktail in hand.

But The Maldives has so much more to offer than simply relaxing by the pool!

So if you’re busy planning your dream trip to The Maldives (and honestly you should, it’s incredible!) here are some of my favourite things to do in The Maldives…

10 Of The Best Things To Do In The Maldives

1. Stay In An Overwater Bungalow

scuba diving the maldives cinnamon ellaidhoo (1 of 1)Well I can’t have a list of the best things to do in The Maldives without including the cliche of a Maldives overwater bungalow can I? So lets get it out of the way!

Was it worth it? Well on one hand yes it was – a total bucket list tick and I felt like a total baller. However, I’ve also stayed in non overwater bungalows in The Maldives too and you get to enjoy all the same amenities with more dollar in your back pocket!

Even still, it has to be done right?!

Click here for my favourite overwater bungalows in The Maldives

2. Surf

maldives surf guide surf spots charters resorts local islandsWhilst many people picture The ocean in the Maldives as calm, clear waters – the huge range of islands and reefs mean that surfing in the Maldives is world class.

Spots like Cokes, Jailbreaks and Sultans all serve up reeling, barrel filled rides that will keep even the most experienced surf happy.

Whether you opt to keep things a bit cheaper with a local island surf stay or go all out at a luxury surf resort like Cinnamon Dhonveli which boast exclusive access to Pasta Point, you’ll enjoy pumping waves and postcard perfect backdrops!

Check out my Maldives surf guide here

3. Snorkel With Manta Rays

You’ve probably guessed by now but life in The Maldives revolves around the ocean! So of course snorkelling makes it onto the list!

But not just any snorkel trip, but I’d highly recommend jumping on a manta ray snorkel trip. These gentle giants may look like aliens but they’re some of the most fun animals to swim with – doing huge barrels rolls and laps around you whilst they hoover up plankton in the water.

4. Or Whale Sharks

Alongside the manta rays snorkelling with whale sharks is definitely one of my top things to do in The Maldives when it comes to animal encounters.

These huge fish (which can grow to the size of a bus!) cruise around the islands and much like mantas are simply hoovering up the plankton in the water.

Have your GoPro at the ready for some epic pictures, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your distance and dont touch them!

5. Scuba Dive

scuba diving the maldives cinnamon ellaidhoo (1 of 1)If you like the idea of snorkelling then why not go a step further and scuba dive in The Maldives?!

There are epic dive sites suitable for all levels of scuba diver – including stunning coral reefs, exhilarating drift drifts, wrecks and more.

Even if you’ve never scuba dived before most resorts have in house dive centres where you can complete an intro dive or pen water dive courses – and if you’re not staying at one of them there are local islands with 5* dive centres too, like Fulidhoo.

Get ready to meet heaps of turtles, cruise alongside colourful shoals of fish and even enjoy a night dive with curious nurse sharks at the likes of Alimatha!

Check out the video below for more scuba dive goodness in The Maldives!

6. Enjoy Lunch On A Sandbank

Whether it’s a romantic treat for your partner or just a day trip, enjoying lunch on a sandbank in the middle of the ocean has all the hallmarks of the perfect tropical getaway.

Pull up to a deserted sandbar, watch the ocean gently lap onto the shore and tuck into some epic food…

Lunchtime will never be the same again!

7. Go Dolphin Watching

Seriously who doesn’t love dolphins?! Well good news, The Maldives is full of them – so jumping on a dolphin watching trip is certainly one of the best things to do in The Maldives!

If you get the opportunity to snorkel with them do it too – it’s absolutely mesmerising to hear them communicate underwater and you might be lucky enough (like I was!) to have a huge pod of them swim by.

As with all the marine life encounters, keep a safe distance and dont touch. This isn’t SeaWorld!

8. Explore The Local Islands

maldives surf guide surf spots charters resorts local islandsYou might think that The Maldives is out of your price range, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover than the local islands are heaps more budget friendly than you might have imagined.

Even if you’re staying on a luxury resort take some time out of your trip to explore some of the local islands and experience the real Maldives.

Friendly locals, awesome food and uncrowded beaches – paradise on a budget!

Fulidhoo is without a doubt my favourite Maldives local island to explore – but Thulusdhoo and Maafushi are also increasingly popular options due to the fact they’re easy to reach from Male Airport and have a solid range of places to stay for all styles and budgets.

9. Treat Yourself To An All Inclusive

Ok so this isn’t going to be for everyones budget but treating yourself to an all inclusive package will certainly give your Maldives experience a whole new level of fun!

Indulge in a huge range of all you can eat buffets, sip as many cocktails as you like by the pool and wash down your dinner with a nice glass of red. Going all inclusive isn’t something I’ve done much (how rich do you guys think I am?!) but on the occasion I’ve splashed out it’s been incredible!

Prices vary from resort to resort so keep an eye out for some epic last minute deals or soft launch specials!

10. Do Absolutely Nothing

As much fun as The Maldives offers make sure you don’t forgot to do what it’s most famous for – relaxing!

Even though resorts and local islands offer wifi take at least a day to fully disconnect, soak up the natural beauty of the islands and wind down.

Life is stressful, enjoy some island time, grab a massage, read a book by the pool or simply have a refreshing dip and float in the ocean.

you’re on holiday after all!

What’s top of your list of things to do in The Maldives?


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